Have you wondered what Android smartphones the staff at Android Unfiltered use on a daily basis? Here’s your chance to check out what each of us ended up using by the end of 2017.

Rob Blaich: BlackBerry KEYone

BlackBerry KEYone

I may as well kick this off. My daily driver is the BlackBerry KEYone. I chose this device because I was bored of the common metal or glass slabs being sold. I also never found a virtual keyboard I would be completely accurate with compared to my days of owning a BlackBerry. When the KEYone was announced, I waited and waited until it was released. Since I picked one up in May of 2017, I never looked back. It may not be the greatest to look at. It isn’t a powerhouse. The camera won’t knock your socks off.

But, the battery life lasts me two days easily, and my typing has never been quicker or as accurate, even compared to my days with past BlackBerry devices.

I own my prior device, the Nexus 6P, which I hang onto as a backup device, as well as to take a peek at Android Oreo.

Tony Simons: Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 First Impressions

Tony, our fearless leader, has chosen Google’s Pixel 2 as his daily driver. His reasoning is due to the immediate access to the latest Android updates, and the 3-year shelf life.

As a backup, he’s hung onto his LG G6.

Cliff Wade: Google Pixel XL

After Cliff teased about his love for his Apple iPhone X (Boo! Hiss! Boo!), he admitted his most used device is his Pixel XL. He stated the Pixel XL is just an all around great device with the latest Android version, and has a superb camera for a device that is now a year old. It’s great with battery life and is comfortable for him to use due to it being a perfect size. Plus the fact that he works for Nova Launcher, and Nova just works so smoothly on the Pixel XL regardless of Android version.C

Teasing aside, Cliff does use the Apple iPhone X too. Cliff said,

“iOS is just as great as Android for so many different reasons. There’s no superior OS in any way. The iPhone X has an amazing camera, amazing screen and while it’s smaller in size than my Pixel XL, again, it just fits me perfectly.”

Bridget Williams: Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Sensor

Bridget owns one hell of a large collection of smartphones (see featured image as an example), but she did narrow down her choice to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as her daily driver.

She chose the Note 8 because she uses the S Pen on a daily basis with “screen off notes”. Bridget finds it truly convenient to jot down an address or reminder while she is on the phone with someone. She also prefers Samsung Pay as her mobile wallet of choice.

Bridget’s secondary device is the Google Pixel 2 XL, mostly for easy access to Google Assistant, and Oreo having great battery life and standby times. She also enjoys the large screen size for apps like Google Maps and Waze.

She carries an LG V30 as well when she is going somewhere new to use as her camera when uploading pics to Google Maps. As a local guide on Google Maps, she feels the LG V30 camera works best for taking food/restaurant pictures.

Tony Sandoval: Samsung Galaxy S6

Tony’s smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S6. His choice is simple and to the point,

“It was inexpensive, and it is an Android. Did I mention inexpensive?”

Jared Gauthier: Google Pixel 2

Daily, Jared uses the Google Pixel 2. He enjoys its size, software experience, updates, and camera.

He had the original generation Pixel XL since it launched last year and loved the new Google Android experience, even more than the experience on the Nexus smartphones. So when the Pixel 2 was announced he wanted to be on the latest and greatest of what Google offers.

Jared went with the smaller form factor after having large phones for years.

Abhishek Malhotra: OnePlus 5

Abhishek’s daily driver is the OnePlus 5. He chose this smartphone because he loves the look of the device, and wanted a phone that could handle any task he threw at it – and it does just that. The battery life is great, and Abhishek loves the software. The smartphone’s camera is also one of the best out there, in his opinion.

Ken Greenwood: Nexus 6P

On a daily basis, Ken relies on his Nexus 6P. He got it on the cheap for $180, and he loves the Nexus name.

His prior device was the Nextbit Robin.

Carl Draper: Motorola Moto Z Play

Carl chose Motorola’s Moto Z Play as his primary smartphone. He did hope to get a Nexus 6P at one point, but the faults of the device turned him off. His luck with Moto smartphones has been great in regards to reliability, so that made the choice easier.

He says Moto Z Play may not be a high end device, but it has a fairly decent camera, close to stock Android, and a 2-day battery life. (I find this funny, because this is actually how I speak of my BlackBerry KEYone, and both my device and Moto Z Play have near identical specs.)

Carl wrote a review on his personal blog if you wish to check it out.

He still owns his LG G3 and hangs onto as a backup device.

James Cowan: Google Pixel 2 XL

James went against the grain and picked himself up a Google Pixel 2 XL, despite the negative press. (Ahem…)

He feels like this is one of the best phones of 2017. James says he is very picky about tech, and often not an early adopter unless its highly likely to be good and useful to him. The Pixel 2 XL’s biggest drawback is its price, but it’s an amazing phone. It works well for him, it has a lot of nice and practical touches, and outstanding camera. James says it is a well rounded, great phone, and he has owned many Android phones.

If he needed to fall back on another device for any reason, his options are open to a first  generation Google Pixel XL, a Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE, and a Nexus 6.