Take your pick. It doesn’t matter which manufacturer you choose, just pick one and watch any one of its commercials for any one of its smartphones. Chances are after you’re done watching, you’ll be convinced you just saw the best phone ever known to man – unless it’s “just another fucking phone,” of course.

But then, after you get your shiny new phone, buyers remorse sets in.

Why does my battery life suck? Why is my phone so slow? What are all of these apps that I don’t use/want/like? Why can’t I take pictures as good as the ones I see on the Internet taken with the same phone?

I can’t count the times I’ve had someone ask me these exact questions, or seen someone asking them to somebody in a forum or on social media somewhere. And while I could go on a venom-filled tirade about it, like our buddy Cliff, the answer to these questions is pretty short and sweet.

Smartphone commercials are misleading AF.

Of course, Samsung WANTS you to believe the Galaxy S lineup is the best. Other companies, like Apple, LG, and HTC all fight the same fight at the same time. The fight for your scratch. Your dinero. Your hard-earned dollars. And they won’t stop by any means, shady marketing tactics included, to win that fight.

But, what if?

What if smartphone commercials were honest? Would you still be so quick to say, “Shut up and take my money,” or would you stop and think about the purchase a bit more before making it?

The folks at Cracked imagined this exact scenario and put out a video to show you how things would go down. It’s a pretty humorous watch if you have a few minutes to spare.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the iHorton BS 8 – it’s functionally the same as the BS 7, but comes packed with a ton of barely-noticeable upgrades.

Cheers, Patrick!