Google has released a full directory of commands to use with Google Assistant. You no longer need to guess and check when using your smartphone, smartspeaker, or smartwatch.


The new directory is full of commands you can use with Google Assistant, and Google has generously collected them into various categories:

  • Art & lifestyle
  • Business & finance
  • Education & reference
  • Food & drink
  • Games & fun
  • Health & fitness
  • Home control
  • Kids & family
  • Local
  • Movies, photos & TV
  • Music & audio
  • News & magazines
  • Productivity
  • Shopping
  • Social & communication
  • Sports
  • Travel & transportation
  • Weather

The main page of the directory also includes “What’s New” and “What’s Trending”.


If you want to dig a little deeper, you can select any of the listed commands to learn a bit more about it.

Google Assistant Services

In the example shown above, you can see what command you need to say, along with what it is available on, a description, and even the developer and rating. If you wish, there’s a Share button available, which brings up an easy copy/paste dialog for you to paste in your own chat or on social media.

Warning – The site is a shade buggy

The site is new, and with something so new, bugs are expected, even on a website from Google.

Selecting the Kids & Family category brings up a blank slate, and I am certain there are a lot of commands that fit into this. I’m a father of two young daughters, who both enjoy talking to our Google Home and Google Home Mini. Both girls have discovered a lot of questions and answers Google Assistant can provide. It’s very child-friendly.

Oops - Google Assistant Directory

If you happen to select “Music and Audio” under Details, this funky effect occurs where the page draws over itself, and the image above is the result. Not pretty.

Bookmark this page!

Bugs aside, Google’s new directory of commands for Google Assistant is a welcomed service, and as a heavy user of Google Assistant, I for one will have this page bookmarked for quick reference.


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