Welcome to Android Unfiltered

Well, hello there!  First and foremost, welcome. I’d like to thank you for stopping by the new digs. You may remember me from a site I ran about 5 years ago, called “OMG!Droid”. If you’re in that group, it’s AMAZING to see your faces once again. If you’re a first timer – that’s just as awesome! I’ve been away for far too long, and now I’m back with a vengeance. Ladies and gentleman, techies and fanboys, welcome to Android Unfiltered. We ARE the ‘Droids you’ve been looking for.

Andy Unfiltered

Welcome to Android Unfiltered!


What can you expect here at Android Unfiltered, you ask? Well, I’m back up to my old antics — as if the site name didn’t already give it away. That means I’ll be covering the latest and greatest in the Android world, with the same old snarky and sarcastic commentary that many of you grew to love (or hate, in some cases).

I’ve also decided to go all-in and start a full-blown app review service that I’m offering to app and game developers for a nominal fee. This service will (hopefully) allow me to keep the site up and running, and to justify all the late nights I’m spending on the computer instead of keeping the girlfriend warm in bed. Love you, babe!

It Doesn’t Stop There…

I don’t want this thing to be just another news site, regurgitating all of the latest headlines. I want to create as much original content as I can. Therefore, you can also expect to see tutorials, how-to’s, reviews, giveaways, and any other random ideas I come up with along the way. If you like the content you see here (or you just wanna help a brother out), please share it with your friends and help spread the word.

Also, don’t forget we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, so go SMASH those follow buttons, dammit!

If you wanna learn more about the site, our mission, or anything else, let me point you towards the About page. If you have any ideas or suggestions on ways to improve the site or content you’d like to see here, head over to the Contact page and drop us a line.

Last, But Certainly Not Least

Carl the Jack Tzeagle

Say hello to Carl the Jack Tzeagle! (Yes, I’m that dog parent who makes a Facebook page for their fur child, even though I haven’t done much with it yet, in terms of updates.) Carl is the most recent addition to the family. We got him in October of 2016, and his first birthday was on May 31st, 2017.

We rescued Carl from an unfortunate situation, and he came to us covered in fleas. A bath with some OTC flea shampoo did the trick, and we’ve kept him on NexGard ever since. Luckily, the poor little guy’s flea problem was under control before they invaded our place and took it over as their own.

Anyhoo, fast forward to present day — just under a year later — and this dude is absolutely family. He has his quirks (if he eats another pair of underwear, I may go postal), but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

He’s smart — probably too smart for his own damn good. He’s good with the kids, when they’re not doing somersaults off the couch and onto him. And most importantly, he is the official mascot here at Android Unfiltered, so you’ll likely see and hear about him from time to time.

Again, Welcome To Android Unfiltered!

We look forward to serving up top-notch content and interacting with you guys and gals. We have a lot of cool stuff in store, and it’ll only get bigger and better as we grow. In the meantime, go ahead and pop our cherry — no, not that cherry, gutter mind. Be the first person to leave us a comment in the Disqus thread, so we can start this party properly!