Weekly Roundup 3

Another week draws to a close here at Android Unfiltered, and we’re back with our 3rd weekly roundup to bring you all the best stories from our site – just in case you missed anything. Without hesitation, let’s get started.

The #1 story of the week? Surely you’ve already heard, but just in case – Android O will be officially announced tomorrow during the solar eclipse. Don’t get your hopes up for a release, however – that’ll likely be somewhere down the road.

We also got another look at the LG V30 this week, and the leaked renders are gorgeous!

And in other news, you can now use Allo on web browsers.

Site-wise, our biggest happening this week? We switched to a dedicated VPS server and now have an SSL certificate!

I also wrote my second editorial on the site, where I explain a bit more about Android Unfiltered and my vision for what’s to come. You should check it out.

Again, not the biggest week for news, but that didn’t stop us from pushing out some pretty awesome content. Here’s a round-up of everything else!



Product reviews and teasers

Tips & Tricks


As always, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for stopping by, and I invite you to join us this coming week for the impending launch of Android O.