JerryRigEverything, an insanely-popular YouTuber with over a million subscribers and a fetish for destroying the latest tech, is back again with a new video for our viewing pleasure. This time his prey is the Google Pixel 2.

First, he takes a boxcutter to the device – because everyone rolls with an open boxcutter in their pockets, I suppose. As you can see, the front of the device holds up much better than the back, thanks to the hybrid coating Google decided to use with the Pixel 2. The boxcutter tears the coating to shreds. It’s difficult to watch.

Next, he takes a Bic lighter to the screen – which drives my inner fanboy absolutely berzerk. The display lasts about a good 15 seconds before it finally gets torched and dies. He says it never turned on again, although the video doesn’t actually show the display go dead. Why, Jerry, why?!

He also shows that the Pixel 2 definitely isn’t “skinny jeans” approved by bending it backward, which leads to an excruciating snap. Good thing you’ll never catch me in a pair of skinny jeans! Interestingly enough, Google decided to place a plastic antenna line right in the weakest spot in the phone’s body, making it fairly easy for the device to bend and break.

I can attest to this, as the metal they chose for the Pixel 2 isn’t the most sturdy. Then again, if it were a thicker material, it would likely make the Active Edge feature – which you can re-map now, by the way – impossible to use.

My inner fanboy can’t take it!

From a hardware perspective, I can understand JRE’s griefs with the Pixel 2. There’s absolutely nothing ground-breaking about, in terms of hardware, unless you want to include the camera, which is only as good as it is – and it’s amazing – thanks to advanced machine learning and Google’s wizard-like software.

But, for me, it isn’t always about hardware. I have a Galaxy Note 8 review unit in my possession right now – the king of hardware, as far as I’m concerned – and I still prefer the Pixel 2. The solo camera on the P2 is better than that of the N8, in my honest opinion.

That’s not to discredit the camera on the Note 8. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolute beast. The Pixel 2 just seems to perform better in some areas where Samsung’s phone lacks. Combine that with the instant Android OS updates and the awesome software things Google is doing, and I’m still happy with my purchase.

I’m sure plenty of folks will argue this, but it’s just my opinion.