If you’re a resident of the US, this article probably won’t pertain to you (unless you predominantly speak another language). If you live outside the US like myself, read on.

I’m Canadian, eh.

Over the years, I’ve learning to give up on setting Google Now, Google Assistant, and my Google Home as English (Canada). This even applies to my smartphone’s system language.

want to keep my language as English (Canada) since, well, I’m Canadian. I spell colour with a “u”. I use Celsius, not Fahrenheit. I measure distant in kilometers, not miles. Yet I still measure weight in pounds, not kilograms. And I measure my height in inches, not centimeters. When I setup my devices to use English (Canada), the device tends to know which option to use off the bat, which is very handy.

So why wouldn’t I use English (Canada)?

Android language settings

Well, Google tends to release features to the US first, and there is either a long wait for said features to come to other locales, or it never at all.

A recent example (which sparked this article) is Google’s latest Easter Egg with Google Assistant and Google Home. I learned that if you say, “Okay Google, let’s get spooky!”, Assistant would change the colour of your Philips Hue lights, play spooky music and effects on the Google Home, and your Chromecast would show a haunted scene.

Well, I gathered up my two kids and tried this, only to hear my Google Home reply, “Sorry. I don’t understand.” Man, what a let down.

Days later, a friend mentioned his device was set still set to English (US), not English (Canada), which is default. So I switched mine back to English (US) as well. Guess what? My living got spooky! I also had two very happy and excited kids loving the Halloween effects surrounding them.

This is only one of dozens of examples I could provide.

Back in July, I had purposely set my Google Home to English (Canada), because there were Canadian Easter Eggs about Canada Day. My Google Home didn’t provide funny, Canadian-specific answers while it was set to English (US), so I switched. Since then, I’d left it as is.

Now I’m learning that overall, it’s just better to leave my Google Home (and Assistant) as English US since there are a lot more Easter Eggs and features available that way.

Best of both worlds

After having switched the Google Home to US English, and getting that awesome Halloween effect working, my wife asked the device about the weather. Well, now it said the temperature in Fahrenheit. Luckily, you can ask the Assistant to remember to use Celsius instead, which we did.