Chromebook Smart Unlock

Chromebooks are awesome. They boot up quick, they’re lightweight and the newer models even run Android apps. I’m using an older HP model, and it only takes about 8 seconds to go from off to ready rock. One thing that slows the boot-up process down a bit is having to sign in to your Google account each time you use the device. Now, I’m not saying you should ditch your password altogether. That’d just be silly. But you can, however,  use this helpful tip to unlock your Chromebook using your Android smartphone or tablet.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head into your Chromebook’s settings. Do so by clicking your profile picture in the bottom right corner of your screen and then hitting the gear symbol on the bottom left of the expanded menu. From the settings menu, you can either scroll through the list until you find ‘Screen lock’, or you can just search for it in the search field at the top of your screen. Pick your poison, but the latter option is quicker.

Use Your Android To Unlock Your Chromebook

You’ll need to enter your password before you making any changes to your screen lock settings. Notice the ‘Smart Lock for Chromebook (beta) option? Next to that, hit ‘Set Up’. Now, enter your password one last time, just for the sake of security. You’ll see ‘Let’s get started’ on the next screen.

Make sure your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth connection is on. Then, hit ‘Find Your Phone’ back on your Chromebook. Once your phone is discoverable by Bluetooth, you’ll get a pairing confirmation screen. Accept the pairing request on your phone and it automatically connects to your Chromebook. You should see an ‘All set’ message. Now, you can hit the test button and see Smart Lock in action.

When you go to login, you’ll notice the lock symbol with a blue ring swirling around it. This means the Chromebook is trying to unlock using the device you’ve set up. Once it finds it the blue lock icon turns green. Click on your profile photo and you’re in your Chrombook, ready to do what you need to do. This is really simple to set up, and it’ll save you a bunch of time.

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