You need a new game to play, right? Right! See, I know this because I know our family and friends here – you’re always on the lookout for something new, just like me. Well, if puzzlers are your forte, you’re in luck. Unbalance, fromĀ TVEE, is a brand-new game for Android, and it’s available for free.

Unbalance Android 2 Unbalance Android 2

Unbalance Features

  • 4 category with total 96 replayable levels.(48 new levels coming soon)
  • Unique gameplay with 3 different gameplay mechanics
  • Over 90 unique minimal geometric shapes
  • Fantastic ambient soundscapes and sound design
  • Color blindness mode

Unbalance is fun and keeps you coming back for more. You can play the game entirely for free, but there’s a 99-cent fee to remove ads. As we always like to recommend to our readers, if you like an app or game, make sure to buy it and show support to its developers.

Developer: TVEE
Price: Free+
  • Unbalance Screenshot
  • Unbalance Screenshot

While we’re on the subject of games, what are your current favorites? Hit us up with some suggestions in the comment thread, and perhaps we’ll feature the game you love most here on Android Unfiltered if we haven’t done so already.

See ya soon, friends!