Do you carry a portable charger? TYLT DockIT might be the solution for you! I know, I know, we all at some point or another found ourselves a portable charger that we liked, but it won’t stop reputable brands to keep coming out with newer ones. Why is that? Higher capacity, newer technology, smaller or? I’m sure you get it by now.

What sets the TYLT DockIT apart from other brands on the market is the dock that it comes with. You can simply put the battery on it and charge. There’s no need for you to plug in a charging cable, that’s what the dock is for. There’s a bonus, the back of the dock also offers 2 extra USB charging port. The set lands you 2 portable battery charger that you can take with you at any given time and will provide you all the power you need when you’re out. In the event you can’t charge them again on the dock, you can also connect a micro USB cable to the battery and then to a power source.

TYLT DockIT Portable battery charger


The specification for the portable battery themselves will give you 6700 mAh worth of power per battery, which is enough to charge most smartphones up to two times! You can also charge other devices you might be carrying around with you as well. The 2 USB port provided on the dock will allow delivery of 2A per port.

Now that I’ve got all the technical stuff out of the way, let’s see how this really worked out in the real world. The only way to know how well this performs is back taking it on a trip! As you know I went to AndroidTO last week and since I wasn’t going to attach myself to the wall, I grabbed 1 of the TYLT Dock IT battery charger. My experience with it was good, I was able to get throughout the entire day from 7 am to well past 9 pm on any given day and I didn’t need to run for some outlets. It kept me going to take my notes and pictures I wanted for the event.

Is there a downside? It’s about an inch thick and I would of like to see USB-C implemented directly. Can you carry this easily in your pockets? Yes. It’s a portable battery charger, it does the job, but like I said, next time I’d like to see a slimmer version of this product.

Let’s move on to the dock itself, it features 2-USB ports, so I’ve connected 1 USB-C and 1 Micro USB cable and I’ve used it to charge smartphones, tablets and accessories and it works really well. Given that I have a tabletop setup for charging all sorts of my devices the placement was easy.

TYLT DockIT 2X portable battery charger with docking station

TYLT DockIT Portable battery chargerPricing is currently not available for the TYLT DockIT at this time.

TYLT DockIT Portable battery charger