PS4 Screenshots Sharing

One of the more handy features Sony’s PlayStation 4 offers is the ability to take and share screenshots and video grabs. Sharing your PS4 screenshots is simple, for the most part. You can upload your creations to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly from your console. You can also throw ’em on a flash drive and transfer ’em over to your PC or other USB compatible device.

Unfortunately, things get a bit more difficult when you need to transfer multiple images and you don’t have a flash drive available. Sony dropped the ball on this one, as you can’t upload multiple images and/or videos in a single post. You have to do it manually, one by one. Let me tell you, it’s a major pain in the ass when you’re reviewing a PS4 game. I found this out the hard way, recently.

I did, however, come up with a temporary – and somewhat hacky – solution that works for me. At least until I drag my lazy bones to the nearest Wal-Mart to pick up a flash drive. If you know me, you know how much I detest trips to Wally World. It’s a necessary evil, but it’s an evil I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, especially here on the fabulous south side of Des Moines. That place is a zoo, I tell ya!

Meanwhile, at Wal-Mart...

No Flash Drive For Your PS4 Screenshots? No Problem!

You’ll need to install the PlayStation Messages app, first. (I threw a link down below for ya.) Next, you’ll need either a secondary PSN account or a friend who won’t block you for spamming their inbox. In my case, I send my screenshots to my son’s account. He won’t mind – and he won’t be playing on his account anymore, if he does. The spoils of parenting, eh?

Once you have the PlayStation Messages app installed on your phone, you can send your screenshots to any other PSN account and they’ll appear in the chat history window within the app. From there, you’ll see a button towards the bottom of your screen to download the photo to your device.

You do still have to send each screenshot separately, but it beats uploading them all to Facebook or Twitter separately and then downloading them to your phone. Like I said, it’s hacky, but it works.