If you’re one who often uses the Quick Settings tiles on Android, you should download and install “Tiles” by Rascarlo. This allows you to add a lot of custom tiles to your Quick Settings, some of which are simple toggles, while others act like miniature apps.

Gorgeous UI

The first thing that stood out was the animations the developer added. Every Tile option has a wonderful icon and animation added to it. The words “quality” and “impressive” immediately came to mind.Tiles - Caffeine Setting

Navigating around your options is dead simple as well. So is there no time wasted in figuring out where things are.

A nice touch added is the ability to choose a theme between Light, Dark, Black, and Terminal mode. I’m sure many AMOLED users will appreciate the Black theme.

So many Tiles!

We took the time to count – There are 60 Tiles to choose from to add to your Quick Settings! You can add a tile for almost anything and everything that you can possibly imagine.

Some of these include the developer’s own version of the flash light, WiFi on/off, etc.

Tiles - Weather tile
View the weather from any app.

Other tiles such as the Weather tile, it much like a mini app, where it provides a popup window with weather details, and a quick toggle for Celsius or Fahrenheit. A common favourite is the ‘Reminder’ tile. Sure, one could just use Google Assistant exclusively for reminders, but it’s handy being able to set them from the notification shade just as well.

Tiles - Applications
Access your applications without leaving your app.

There’s a Caffeine Title, where toggling it simply keeps your screen on until you shut it off. And other tiles, such as the Battery tile, will provide you with many stats, like the battery temperature.



Carlo was generous enough to give us 17 promo codes to share with our readers! (He gave us 20, but the three of us here at AU used one ourselves for testing purposes.

If you’d like one, drop us a comment in the thread with your email address and we’ll send one your way!

Download Tiles

Developer: rascarlo
Price: $0.99
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  1. Look fun and quite handy! I just love this kind of ‘gadget’: so simple and yet so powerful.
    I would appreciate a promo code, if any left, indeed! 😉

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