Have you ever wished you could just go out there and build a flagship or mid-range phone you could afford? I’m not speaking of the frank. phone which, aside from being put on hold, is the bare minimum of spec requirements. Nor am I reaching to the opposite end of the spectrum such as the premium priced Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I am talking about a mid-range phone customized to your needs at a reasonable price. Your dream phone.

My dream phone.

If I were to pick features I’d love in an Android smartphone, the list would be as follows;

  • Battery life lasting 2-days, minimum: I don’t care for wireless charging (slow), nor having to bother with quick charging through the day.
  • S-Pen equivalent: I love to draw and sketch. Nothing has been as great of an experience as the S-Pen on the Note series with high accuracy and pressure sensitivity.
  • Durable: Water proof, not water resistant. Also drop proof. Build the phone like it has a case, like the Samsung S7 Active.
  • One damn good camera: I do photography on the side. I don’t need these dual lens devices. I had a lot of success in mobile photography with my LG G4, and my KEYone isn’t doing to bad either. I want one camera that opens fast, takes pics fast, and can shoot very well in low light. So far, it looks like I’d want the camera quality from an S8, Note 8, or Pixel.
  • BlackBerry KEYone’s physical keyboard w/ capacitive touch: I’ve fallen in love with this, and don’t care to go back to a virtual keyboard.
  • Android as pure as possible: I’ll be realistic and acknowledge that Android can’t remain as stock as a Nexus or Pixel if I want things like a physical keyboard and an S-Pen equivalent. However, I don’t want anything else on the phone like skins and bloatware.
  • Frequent updates: I don’t often concern myself over security updates, but I do appreciate seeing them on my BlackBerry KEYone, as well as when I used my Nexus 6P. It provides some peach of mind. Promised OS grades, such as Nougat to Oreo, are also on my list of must-haves – at least 3-4 years’ worth like an iPhone.
  • Not too big: Stating a screen size means less now-a-days with bezel-free phones showing up. I just did not care for the size of my Nexus 6P, as it was too large to use in one hand, and I often feared dropping it. I’m fine with a smartphone size closer to that of my old Moto X 2013. That was simply comfortable to hold in the hand.
  • Loud, stereo front-facing speakers: If there was one aspect I loved from my Nexus 6P, it was those front-facing speakers.
  • Finger print scanner on front: People go back and forth and about where a finger print scanner should be. It’s all up to preference. My phone rests on my desk often, and having the scanner on the front works fantastic for me. In my case, the finger print scanner would be within the physical keyboard’s space bar, just as BlackBerry has done with the KEYone.
  • A bright, near-bezel-free screen: Obviously if I want two font-facing speakers and a physical keyboard, I can’t have a bezel-free display. However, I can ask one to come as close to that as possible. I also want a screen that is both bright enough to see in direct sunlight, but also dims enough I’m not blinded while reading in bed.
  • Convenience key: Unlike that Bixby button on Samsung devices, having an extra button that you can hotkey to any shortcut or app you like is very handy!

So when that’s all said and done, it might up looking like this…

I didn’t put a lot of time into designing this mock-up, but you get the idea.

What about you?

I shared my dream phone. What about you? What combination of features and specs tickle your fancy? Let me know in the comment section below!