T-Mobile LG G6 H87210o OTA

It looks like T-Mobile is finally rolling out the June security update for the LG G6. Which is nice and all, but here we are in August getting 2-month-old software. Yay. The software version is H87210o with a build number of NRD90U, and it weighs in at 353.6 MB. Those of you hoping Android 7.1.x would come along with it are out of luck, unfortunately. I haven’t noticed anything new as of yet, but I did some digging around the Web and it appears there might be some optimizations in tow, as well.

According to angelartech over on Reddit, the battery idle bug is fixed now. Redditor, Jack_Shid, says he left his phone discharging overnight and awoke to 100% battery life. Of course, results will vary among users, but it’s good to see positive feedback out of the gate. Many times, a new update can do more harm than it does good, so I always check the forums before installing anything.

H87210o Incoming!

T-Mobile LG G6 H87210o Header

T-Mobile LG G6 H87210o InstallIt looks like the new build began rolling out about a week ago, so it’s apparently going out in stages. If you haven’t already gotten a notification about an impending update, you can try to force it by going into your phone’s settings and navigating to About phone > Update center > System updates and hitting ‘Check for Update’.

You’ll need at least 30% battery life to install the H87210o update, and you won’t be able to use your phone while upgrading. The update takes about 20 minutes to install, all said and done. You can head back into About phone > Software info to confirm that you’re on the latest build.

Have you gotten the H87210o on your LG G6 yet? Notice anything new about your phone after installing? Stop back and let us know in the comment thread!

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