T-Mobile Satisfied Customers

According to an announcement from T-Mobile, Magenta was #1, in terms of having the most satisfied customers last year. And I’m proud to say, I was (and still am) one of them. In fact, I’ve been with the company for almost 12 years now, and I can’t see myself changing that. Unless I move to an area without coverage, I suppose, which isn’t in my foreseeable plans.

The system doesn’t need to be flawless; the customer service does.

I can’t say I’ve never had any issues during my tenure as a T-Mobile customer. It is a system run by humans, after all, so there’s certainly room for the occasional error. But what always stands out to me is the way T-Mobile handles these errors. I’ve always had them resolved quickly, and in my favor, and I’ve never been made to feel like a burden.

For instance, I recently got incorrectly denied for my Pixel 2 rebate. I’d done everything I needed to do to qualify for a $325 refund. But, for some reason, it was rejected. I hopped on Twitter and sent a direct message to the T-Mobile support account. Within a few minutes, the situation was corrected and a rebate card was on its way in the mail.

Long story short, the rebate was applied to the wrong line, which caused it to get denied. But, because this was an error, T-Mobile was quick to correct the situation – as they should have been. But the chat rep I spoke with, Nevin Bruce, went above and beyond to make the situation right for me.

He got it all straightened out, but he also took the time to make conversation with me while I was waiting. Genuine conversation – not just a robotic, “How about this weather?” And as a satisfied customer, I truly appreciated that interaction.

John Legere, if you’re reading this, Nevin deserves a promotion!

Anyhoo, for more info on T-Mobile’s accomplishment, check out the press release below.