Swift Backup

‘Data Loss’, a two-word short horror story for us tech geeks. Whatever we do on our phones, PCs, etc, we need a backup of the data. So that if ever one of these things give up on us, we don’t have to worry about what they took with them. But for phones, we have some great apps for backing up our data, and one of them was ‘Swift Backup’ which I came across on the Play Store a few days back. Let’s take a look at it.


The UI of the app is pretty simple and easy to use. It has 3 Tabs on the main screen namely Summary, Google Drive Sync, Scheduled Backup.

Summary Tab

The summary tab provides you with the overall percentage of storage used and also in terms of gigabytes. It shows if you have root access or not, the number of apps installed and the number of apps you have backed up.

What you can backup:

  • Apps (You can backup Apks or, Apks+Data)
  • Messages
  • Call Logs
  • Wallpapers (Both Lockscreen and Homescreen)
  • Wifi Networks (Note: You need Root Access for this to work)

Google Drive Sync Tab

And this is the best part! All of the things that you back up, can also be synced to Google Drive. This is a great feature if you lose your phone. You can restore the backup from Google Drive at any time, in any phone with your Google ID signed in. You can also set an upload limit for the app backup on Drive.

Now you must be thinking what if I have three phones, and I have to backup the data from every single one? Not a problem because you can create a specific device folder in Drive for the backup of each one of them.


Because if I have a Pixel and a OnePlus 5, I wouldn’t want the backup of Pixel to show in the folder of OnePlus 5 right?

Scheduled Backups Tab

Got a problem with forgetting to backup your data? This app has you covered in that aspect, too. With the third tab, you can schedule backups either daily, or for specific days at specific times. Scheduled backups

Some other Features (Root Required)

Swift Backup even has some more features, but for them to work, you need root. Those who are happy with all the things mentioned above can skip this part. But those who still want more and are advanced users, here it is.

You can make your data even more secure by encrypting it. This is great for those who are worried about the safety of their data. Some of the other features which require root are:

  • Set compression level for app data backups
  • Backup cache
  • Backup expansions
  • Ability to backup external data

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing this app can’t back up.


The app is free to download from the Play Store. But some of the features are locked and you are required to pay to unlock them. They run Rs.400 or $6 USD for a lifetime plan and Rs.140 or $2 for a yearly-plan. This great pricing, considering the features the Swift Backup provides you


Swift Backup is a must-have on your smartphone if you are worried about your data – which you should be. It can backup almost everything. It is still in beta, so you might see some bugs here and there, but it’s constantly improving day-by-day. Download the app and see for yourself what it can do!

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Download Swift Backup

Swift Backup
Swift Backup
Developer: SwiftApps.org
Price: Free+
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  • Swift Backup Screenshot
  • Swift Backup Screenshot
  • Swift Backup Screenshot
  • Swift Backup Screenshot
  • Swift Backup Screenshot
  • Swift Backup Screenshot
  • Swift Backup Screenshot