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I’m not a fan of having to keep track of things. Between work, building the site and a busy family life, I often times find myself in need of a helping hand, when it comes to remembering things. I’m not sure where I’d be, if it weren’t for the Google Assistant. I use it almost daily to set reminders, and you should too.

Yes, Google’s Assistant is far from new, but there’s a ton of users just getting their first taste of the service, due to phone upgrades or migration from other operating systems. That said, I wanted to do a quick post to let you newcomers know about one of the Assistant’s most handy features – setting reminders.

It’s really simple to set a reminder. You can do it a number of ways, which I’ll go over with you here in just a moment. You can set them using the Google Search bar on your Android phone, through the Assistant itself, or via the web. Additionally, you can use your Google Home smart speaker, if you have one.

Quit forgetting things because you’re busy; set reminders!

To do it from the Google Search bar, you simply tap on the homescreen widget and either type “Remind me to (whatever you need to be reminded of),” or press the microphone button and just say the phrase without typing. A screen pops up and asks for the title of your reminder, and how you want it to trigger.

Google Assistant Reminder

You can choose to have it go off at a specific time, or in a specific location. Remember, you’ll need to enable GPS for location-based reminders. You can choose from your saved locations, or set up custom locations using Google Maps.

If you prefer to set a reminder using a web-based browser, all you have to do is head over to Google and the above directions achieve the same results.

Got a Google Home? Just say “OK Google, remind me to…” and viola – your reminder is set.

You’ll receive a notification on your device when the the reminder is triggered. If you set it by time, you’ll get a notification when that time comes. If you set it by location, the notification shows up when your device arrives at that specific place.

So, now you know how to set a reminder with the Google Assistant. If you have trouble remembering how to do so, well… Set a reminder to bring you back here for a refresher. These instructions aren’t going anywhere.



  1. Been using Google Assistant to set reminders almost exclusively since it arrives on my phone, but I’m using it indirectly, via Allo, because I feel more comfortable with typing the command in a chat-like environment (to be honest I still feel awkward to speak out commands to a phone). Besides Assistant had a hard time picking up my extra thick Asian accent so I think it’s better to just type them lol.

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