[Winners Picked!] Sesame Shortcuts Giveaway: We’ve got 40 codes for y’all!

Sesame Shortcuts Giveaway

Winners picked!

Congrats to those who won! Thanks a million to those who participated!

Winners, check your emails. Codes have already been sent out. These can be redeemed on in the ‘Redeem’ tab on either the Google Play app or website.

If you didn’t win this one, you can always stop by our Floating Shortcuts Pro giveaway. The odds there are a little better, as we have 300 codes to give out and they’re first come, first serve!

Thanks again, friends and family!

After the huge start we’re off to with our Nova Launcher Prime giveaway, we got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool to round out the awesomeness with the total package for homescreen customization? Why not give away some codes for Sesame Shortcuts, too?!

Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing!

If you’re unfamiliar with Sesame Shortcuts, it’s a Nova Launcher companion app. Even better, it’s now totally integrated with Nova, as of a few updates ago. The fact that it’s built-in with one of the most respected apps in the game alone speaks volumes for how remarkable Sesame is.

Download Sesame Shortcuts

Sesame Shortcuts
Sesame Shortcuts
Developer: Sesame crew
Price: Free+
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  • Sesame Shortcuts Screenshot
  • Sesame Shortcuts Screenshot
  • Sesame Shortcuts Screenshot
  • Sesame Shortcuts Screenshot

One thing I have to mention for those new to Sesame Shortcuts – it’s not just about creating shortcuts. There’s a lot more to it, in fact. We caught up with Phil, one of the two developers behind the app, on Reddit. We’ll let him further explain his “baby” since he can do it better than I can, for sure.

With Sesame’s search, we’re trying to have it be something you can memorize and then do without thinking. That’s why it recognizes first letters of words and ranks them higher.

For example if I typed “P” “O”, then my contact for “Profoundly Obvious” would return ranked #1. Sesame learns from each choice you make too. So next time I’d only need to type “P” to get to my shortcut to text Profoundly Obvious.

After you use it for a couple weeks, the stuff you do most often is basically 1 or 2 letter taps away. Once you learn those letter combinations, you can navigate your device without thinking.

I mean really, though. Do you need any more convincing? Sesame Shortcuts is the bee’s knees and it’s only going to get better as it evolves. That said, let’s get on to this giveaway, shall we!

We’re sticking with the same format as the Nova giveaway – this is open now and will run for two weeks. When it ends, we’ll get in contact with the winners to divvy out the codes! Again, we’re building our YouTube and Twitter presence, so those entry options are mandatory, but we’ve sprinkled in a couple optional entries, as well.
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Best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Michael V Gomez

    I hope I win! I use Nova everyday as my daily driver and Sesame Shortcuts is so useful, please pick me!

  • This would be a groovy win. I was just thinking about making the purchase anyway. i guess I’ll see them in two weeks… One way or the other. Good luck everyone.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    I hope I win! Nova is my favourite and the only launcher I am using since I have an Android phone. With Sesame, it’s even better!

  • Been waiting for this since i saw the nova giveaway… Much appreciated… Hope I win both nova and sesame…

  • Iwant El Gladys

    I’ve been using Nova for quite a while, and if I win a sesame shortcut, it will make the experience of using Nova better for me, Thanks

  • Eqwan Syafiq

    Just another android blog click bait.

  • Sunil Nagar

    Hope I win…

  • MFAR

    I’m in for this really awesome app!

  • siddarth

    niceeeeee :)))

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    #Giveaway🤗 Excited…. Hope i win

  • Patrick McAfee

    This would complete my Nova setup! Hopefully I win a code!

  • Ian Huey

    I have been eyeing Sesame shortcuts for awhile. Hopefully this will round out my nova launcher experience 🙂

  • Sesame Shortcuts is a great bonus to already a great Nova Launcher 🙂

  • Rodrigo Souza

    Thank you very much for this opportunity, I just love Sasame Shortcuts. I will really enjoy winning this and making good use of it.

  • Saurabh Suryan

    I would like to thank Android Unfiltered, Seasame Crew and Nova Team for these giveaways..!

  • Dhimas Ilya’sa Swandy

    Wish me luck ayyy

  • Sai Swayam Shree

    Thank u so much 4 the sesame shortcut giveaway. Its really awesome app. I am too excited to enter the giveaway…

  • siiie.co

    I really love the integration with Nova Launcher, great app

  • 07070

    Amazing, hope that I win!

  • Bhavya

    Now the website has improved considerably.
    HopeI win.

  • karanrajpal14

    Would love to win one of these. Loved using the trial version!

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  • Stevie_Wonder

    This would be a great addition to the Nova Launcher (and other apps like Tasker and KWGT). I really starting to like customizing and perfecting my Android device more and more.

  • Ivannoe Báez

    Nice giveaway!!

  • Est Temp

    Let’s get this. I like how Sesame makes everything easier to get to.

  • umesh shirur

    Awesome Shortcuts to add for Nova, makes life easier!!!

  • Dazly Gonsalves

    Just got nova launcher prime…need this to finish my device customization.ill be happy to be seen as winner.

  • gardobus

    I’ve had Nova Prime for years, but Sesame Shortcuts made it even more awesome while I had the trial. I’d love to win it!

  • Abie Salinas

    Would love to own a copy i think its a great compain app for nova

  • Αχι Κ.

    Thanks for the give away! Hope i get a free code ❤️

  • Sweet!

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  • Debopriyo Basu

    Thanks for the giveaway. I use Nova Prime for over 3 years. Having the full functionality of sesame along with it would be great. I would also request sesame devs to make a Diwali sale. That would be great.

  • Sarthak Harshe

    Thank you for this giveaway,n i would love to win the code and it will help me alot!

  • Mratunjay Mishra

    Very useful app

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    • Not a problem at all, Fernando! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mratunjay Mishra

    @Asimons81:disqus Thank u Android Unfiltered for the code for Sesame shortcuts. It was the first time I tried any giveaway… thanks for choosing me as one of the 40 winners. Wishing u all the success for y’r blog in future!!

  • Est Temp

    Thank you very much for the giveaway. Really appreciate it!