Galaxy Season is officially upon us, my friends, and that can mean only one thing: It’s time for our official Samsung Galaxy S9 unboxing video! Our compadres at Verizon sent over a review unit, which landed on my doorstep today. As usual, the first thing I like to do in all of my phone reviews is show you what’s in the box.

A change of pace

Before we dig in, I need to mention that I’m going about this review a bit differently than those I’ve done in the past. I normally know most everything there is to know about the phone prior to receiving it. That’s not the case this time. This time, I’ll be learning about the S9 as we go, right along with you.

I specifically avoided reading any news about the Galaxy S9 when it launched because I wanted to approach this review from the perspective of the everyday, average phone user. Someone who doesn’t sit around watching launch events like hardcore enthusiasts and journalists typically do.

That, and as I said in my recentĀ update post, I’ve been a bit busy with the day job lately, so I didn’t have time to get too involved before the device was actually available.

Now that I have one in hand, let the games begin!

Samsung Galaxy S9 unboxing

Stay tuned, friends! And be sure to let me know in the comment thread if there’s something, in particular, you need to know about the Galaxy S9. I’ll be covering this baby as much as I possibly can over the next month, and I’ll share every feature and functionality it has to offer.

Talk to ya soon!