Samsung Galaxy S9 Render

According to a Korean website, The Investor, the Samsung Galaxy S9 might be a few months closer to us than we think. The dust hasn’t even settled yet from the Galaxy Note 8 announcement. (See: The damn phone isn’t even in stores right now.) Yet, here we are already talking about the “Next Big Thing”, as Sammy likes to call it.

Before we get started, I’ll let you know now this heading to the rumor drawer right away. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. But, I will say this tidbit is worth entertaining.

But, I will say, this tidbit is at least worth entertaining.

Samsung Galaxy S9 coming early next year?

The report said Samsung Display’s OLED panel shipments will start in November, two months in advance of the current S8 whose display shipments started in January this year before the phone’s unveiling in March. Display panels are usually shipped earlier than other parts such as camera modules and cases.


After the panel shipments, it takes about two to three months for the phone’s entire assembly.The report said parts makers have already predicted the S9’s advanced launch considering the panel development started in April last year, three to four months earlier, under the project name “Star.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this, to be quite honest. It seems like Samsung may be jumping the gun just a bit here if this turns out true. I don’t see much reason to bring out a new phone early unless it has ground-breaking new features, which I highly doubt will be the case. Feel free to prove me wrong, Samsung.

The hype train is in full effect. family and friends. So, what have you? Do you think we’ll see the Galaxy S9 before springtime? Drop us a line in the comment thread and pitch in your two cents!

Source: The Investor Via: Sammobile