It comes with great sadness and a heavy heart to announce the passing of legendary YouTube star, Charles Marvin Green Jr. – known to most everyone simply as Angry Grandpa. Charles’ son, Michael (KidBehindACamera on YouTube) posted a video to the Angry Grandpa YouTube channel earlier today to announce Charles’ passing after a batter with cancer and cirrhosis, among other health issues.

Born in 1950, Angry Grandpa – or AGP – was one of my favorite YouTubers. He was known for his destructive fits of rage and explosive, yet hysterical, temper tantrums. His channel amassed a cult-like following of over 3 million subscribers – or youngins, as he would have called them.

RIP Angry Grandpa (1950 – 2017)

The affect YouTube can have on you as a viewer is amazing. I’ve never personally met Charles, but I’ve watched enough Angry Grandpa videos in my day to where I now feel like I’ve lost an old friend today. This is also a great reminder to hug your friends and family. Every moment you get to spend with them is a blessing. And tomorrow isn’t a sure thing for any of us.

Remembering a legend

I’ll never forget the first Angry Grandpa video I ever saw on YouTube. It was back in 2011, during the Casey Anthony trial. The verdict came out, and, well… Let’s just say Grandpa was less than happy with the results.

Check out that video below.

Another video that helped shoot AGP into YouTube stardom – or at least one of my own personal childish favorites – is one where he destroys his kitchen over missing candy. Then, at the end of the video, he finds the candy he assumes was stolen on the counter, and gives zero fucks about the carnage he’s caused.

I’m sure some haters think this one is staged – and maybe it was – but it sure made me laugh. And if you watch some of AGP’s later videos, the move paid off, as he was living in a much nicer house during his later days.

Rest in peace, Charles. The world is a smaller place without you, my good man.