Sennheiser GSP 303 Feature Image

The Sennheiser GSP 303 Need for Speed Payback Edition gaming headset ($99.95) is the next item to land on my review desk. And be you a PC, console, or mobile gamer, this is an affordable set of over-the-ear cans you might want to give a look. They’re comfortable, they sound great, and the microphone performs much better than expected.

Before we dig in, here’s the NFS: Payback trailer, just for funsies!

Sennheiser and Ghost Games teamed up to create this special edition nod to Need for Speed: Payback and the idea behind the GSP 303s is to perfectly complement your favorite race car engines and music soundtracks.

Don’t let that fool you, however. You don’t have to be a fan of racing games to use this headset. It’ll suit you just fine, regardless of the genre of game you prefer.

In fact, I don’t own and have not played the new Need for Speed – Sennheiser was just cool enough to send out this pair for review. I gladly obliged because I’m over having to share my PS4 headset with my kids.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Sennheiser GSP 303 Need for Speed Edition Gaming HeadsetThe GSP 303 headset is built with a soft plastic material and feels slightly on the cheap side. The headband portion is split and contains a foam padding that rests on the top of your head for comfort.

The Sennheiser branding is on the left and the GSP 303 branding is on the right side of the headset, just above the sliding adjuster used to fit the headset to your head. There’s a red Need for Speed Payback logo on the top portion of each adjuster. The Sennheiser “S” logo sits at the bottom portion of both sides, where the ear cups connect to the headpiece.


GSP 303 cups

The ear cups are perhaps the most important feature a headset can have. They need to be comfortable, and the GSP 303 certainly gets a passing grade here. The cups are made of extra large memory foam pads, so they’re nice and comfy. There’s also a black Need for Speed Payback logo on red fabric on the inside of each cup.

Not that the logo makes the headset sound any better, or anything…

The left ear cup features a microphone, also made of plastic, and has a rubbery portion that gives the microphone bar a bit of flex. The microphone bar is on a swivel and can raise or lower to suit your needs.

MicrophoneThe microphone itself – the MKH 418S – does a wonderful job at broadcasting your voice. It’s not great at drowning out background noise, but it’s not horrible, either.

Volume KnobA volume knob sits on the right ear cup, which is super handy. There’s no volume fader for prioritizing chat and in-game volume like the official PS4 headset offers. Not a deal-breaker for me, but worth mentioning for those who require said functionality.


We’re not looking at anything special here in the cable department. It’s red and long – likely three feet or so. (I’m too lazy to measure and can’t find specs.)

There are connectors for the microphone and headphones, and an adaptor for both of those connectors that channels them through one solitary 3.5mm connector. The cable does not detach from the headset.

Sound quality and performance

This is one area I cannot knock the GSP 303s – they sound pretty damn good. I’m no technical reviewer when it comes to sound quality. I couldn’t tell you how many decibels these things produce to save my life.

But I know good sound when I hear it, ladies and gents – and the sound quality is perfect for my needs, so I can’t complain.

And as I already stated, the microphone performs surprisingly well, too. Here’s a sample video I made of myself playing Clash Royale so you can hear for yourself.

Wrap-up & final rating

I’ve used too many headsets in my day to keep count. The Sennheiser GSP 303 aren’t my all-time favorite, nor are they my all-time least favorite. At $99.95, they’re a great mid-range set of cans for gaming with a great microphone. And being super comfy is always a plus, which these most certainly are.

Where to buy the Sennheiser GSP 303
Need for Speed Edition gaming headset

You can pick this one up directly from the manufacturer for $99.95, and Sennheiser is also throwing in the GSA 50 headset hanger for free, which normally runs $38. If you’re using Ebates – which you should be – you can get 3% cash back on your purchase from the Sennheiser store, plus tons of other savings opportunities at other select retailers.

You can also find these cans on Amazon, but you won’t get the free hanger with them there.