Review: GPEL Galaxy Note 8 EverPure Max phone case

Three layers of protection for your Galaxy Note 8, but don't buy this case if you have fat fingers...

GPEL EverPure Max Note 8 Phone Case

When buying a phone as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, protecting your investment is always a good idea. Unless you have endless amounts of money to throw at $1,000 phones then, by all means, do your thing.

In my time with my Note 8 review unit, I’ve been using one of two cases sent to me for review, and now it’s time to share my thoughts on the first and switch over to the second. First up is the GPEL EverPure Max.

GPEL EverPure Max

3-Layer Protection

The virtually invisible hard 6H acrylic back plate is coated with an anti-scratch coating to stay looking new and it will maintain its clarity without turning it to yellow like competitor’s case. The inner TPE layer provides extra drop protection while the outer flexible but durable TPU bumper provides rubberized edges for better grip.  Slim and lightweight construction preserves the look and profile of your phone without sacrificing protection

GPEL EverPure Max Screen 2

The EverPure Max fits perfectly on the Note 8, but it does make pressing the buttons on the side of the device a bit difficult at first. This subsides after using the case for a bit, however. On the plus, the button coverings are easily distinguishable, making it easy to tell where you’re pressing in low-light situations.

GPEL EverPure Max Screen 3GPEL EverPure Max Screen 4

The case has openings in the bottom for access to the headphone jack, USB-C charging port, speaker, and S Pen. My only beef here is the size of the S Pen opening, which makes taking the S Pen out of its holder a real pain in the butt. Luckily, I have tiny fingers, but if you don’t, you may want to steer clear of this case altogether. Otherwise, there’s nothing negative to say about the EverPure Max.

Where to buy

It runs $25 on the GPEL website, but you can get it much cheaper on Amazon. It’s $12.99 over there, and at that price, I highly suggest you pick one up. The Verizon Note 8 I’m reviewing retails for a whopping $960 dollars. That means you can protect your device for just over 1% of its value.

You do the math, then decide for yourself if it’s worth it, or not.