Q&A Session #1 – How did we start? Why “Unfiltered”?


A few days back, I did some polling on our Google+ account to see if you folks had interest in helping us do a Q&A session. With 42 votes at the time as I write this, it’s an exact 50/50 split.

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Q&A Poll 1

It looks like the anticipation for this one wasn’t as big as I’d hoped it would be, but that’s OK. We’re still a new site, we’re still building, and hey – a good handful of you did vote in favor. For that, I’m very thankful. (Although, some folks voted yes and didn’t submit a question – don’t forget that part next time!)

I’ve got 11 great questions to answer this week from 10 of our readers. Here are a few of them.

Q&A Session #1 highlights from Twitter

Thank you all so much helping out with this and submitting your questions. I’d like to do these as frequently as possible, so don’t hesitate! If there’s something you want to know – even if it’s off-topic – drop me a line in the comment thread or hit me up on the socials.

We’re on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, so pick your poison and get to asking!

And while we’re talking community stuff – did you catch this week’s Screenshot Sundays post? Be sure to check that out to see some of the amazing works of art our readers are rocking on their Android homescreens. You can submit your own for future posts by visiting this link.

See you in the next one, friends!


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