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Do you have a new product you’re about to unleash on the world?

We’d love to help you spread the word about it with a review here on Android Unfiltered.

Weekly Roundup MascotWe might be Android-focused, but we also cover non-Android tech, too. Our readers love an exciting new gadget, as do we, so we’re always on the lookout for something awesome to share.

We love product review requests!

Android Unfiltered honors nearly all product review requests, as long as they’re tech-related. We also honor ALL embargoes, so you don’t have to worry about your product leaking before you’re ready to share it with the public. Your privacy and confidence in us at Android Unfiltered are of utmost importance, so we’ll NEVER share information with any individual outside of our organization.

We take pride in our reviews, so we’ll work closely with you during the testing phase to ensure we know as much information about your product as possible to use in our work. We’ll also get in touch with you regarding any issues that may arise with the product first, rather than blindly writing a negative review.

Our goal is to share top-notch products with our readers, and while we understand issues sometimes pop up, we also believe customer service is an important part of the overall package.

Turnaround time

We strive to complete our reviews within 21 days of product delivery. In many cases, we get them done much sooner, but we do ask for time to thoroughly test your product and compose our review. Again, we want to be as thorough as possible, as it benefits everyone involved. Once posted, we’ll immediately notify you via email and social media, and we’ll share the link to our post on all of our social media accounts.

You can expedite the review process by shipping your item to us ahead of time. Please send all review products to:

Tony Simons
Android Unfiltered
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