A Google employee took to the Internet this weekend to post a gallery full of images and videos that were taken with the upcoming Pixel 2 and lemme tell ya, the results are nothing less than spectacular.

Pixel 2 Sample Image 5

In case you need a refresher, the Pixel 2 camera packs one of the best cameras ever included in a smartphone, and these sample shots seem to back that theory up quite well. Each image you see here is unedited and absolutely incredible.

Google Pixel 2 sample gallery

Pixel 2 Sample Image 6

Pixel 2 Sample Image 2 Pixel 2 Sample Image 3

Pixel 2 Sample Image

But, before you go all apeshit on me here, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Yes, these photos are straight from the camera, but photography is far more intricate than “point and shoot” in Auto mode. These were undoubtedly taken in Manual mode by someone who knows their way around manual camera settings.

That’s not saying you won’t be able to achieve awesome photos in Auto mode. You likely will be able to do just that. But if you want your stuff to look as good as these, you’re going to need to get over that hump and start learning about things like shutter speed, focus, and ISO. The Pixel 2 has a fixed f/1.8 aperture, so you can’t change that, but you’d still benefit by learning what aperture is and how it affects your shots.

Sample video (in GIF format!)

LifeHacker has a wonderful course on the Basics of Photography, which I highly recommend you check out. It covers everything from camera settings to composition and technique. It even goes over editing your images in post. Obviously, editing wasn’t a factor with these Pixel 2 photos and videos, but it’s still good information to know just the same.

Pixel 2 Sample Image 7

After seeing all of this, I’m even more anxious for my Pixel 2 pre-order to get here. I’m by no means a pro, but I’m taking the time to learn about camera settings, and even more so composition and technique, so hopefully I can produce some gallery-worthy images and videos to share with you all.

Stay tuned, as I’ll be bringing you all the Pixel 2 coverage I can, starting late next week. Provided there aren’t any snafus with availability and/or shipping, of course. (Fingers crossed!)

You can check out the rest of the Googler’s gallery at our source link below.