Are you tired of your Android’s boring stock photo-viewer? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re taking a peek at a gorgeous replacement app that solves that problem. It’s called Piktures Beautiful Gallery, and it comes to us by way of DIUNE.

If you’ve been following the site for a while, you might have seen my post on 10 Android camera apps that I suggest. Piktures was the final entry on the list, but I didn’t really cover much about it in my previous article. It was more of a brief introduction than anything, so I figured it’d be a good idea to give it a closer look. It’s least I can do, considering how much I’m enjoying it!

Piktures is a user experience based on swipes. It has an awesome calendar view, which lets you add your photos to a specific date so you can quickly access old memories. There’s also a location filter that lets you see photos in groups based upon where they were taken. Keep in mind, you’ll need to enable GPS locations for this to work.

It also features a number of different gallery types. You have access to your local albums and those stored in the cloud, too. At the moment, the only service supported is Dropbox, but that’s one that’s pretty widely in use, so there’s no real issue there. Additionally, there’s a “Secret Drive,” which lets you secure your most private photos behind a PIN code. Rounding out the mix, Piktures plays videos and GIF files, as well.

Piktures Beautiful Gallery

  • Fast and Beautiful interface
  • Calendar view: innovative vertical scroll for fast browsing
  • Secure Drive: protect your most personal photos and videos behind a PIN-code protected Secure Drive
  • Cloud Drive: access your Dropbox photos and videos
  • Location view: filter by cities
  • Multiple sorting & grid options
  • Resize pictures before sharing
  • Hide albums
  • Video Player
  • GIF Player
  • Direct access to your camera apps
  • Optimized for large screens including tablets
Full-feature photo album organizer:
  •  Slick gesture-based user interface
  • Photo album, Video Album and GIF support
  • All Album: view all pictures on your phone in one aggregated album
  • Multiple Grid view – 3, 4 or 5 raws of photos
  • Calendar view with innovative vertical scrolling
  • Location view to filter by countries and cities
  • Multiple sorting options : date, name and size
  • Favorites: select your best photos
  • Gallery cover with blur effect & parallax effect
  • Move photos
  • Copy photos
  •  Rename photos
  • Create album
  •  Move albums
  • Hide albums
  • Album shortcut to homescreen
Photo & Video Features:
  •  Play video
  • Option to select the video player you like
  • Play Animated GIF
  • Edit pictures through external editors
  • Best quality full-screen viewer
  • EXIF data
Sharing Features:
  • Share pictures via messages and social networks
  • Most used shared option
  • Multiple choice to resize photos before sending (VGA, HD, Full-size)
  • Ability to remove GPS coordinates before sharing to Social networks
Beaming Features:
  • Chromecast support in Alpha
  • Borderless photos
  • Maximum brightness
  • Back button behaviour
  • Status bar – visible / invisible
  • Default Sort order

Download Piktures Beautiful Gallery

Piktures is free, and you can download it using the link below. It’s worth mentioning that the app’s page on the Play Store says it contains in-app purchase, but there’s no sight of them in the description. I also haven’t seen any reference to purchases within the app yet, so it appears it’s fully-functional. There’s no ads either, so that’s another bonus.

Try it out, then stop back and let us know what you think!

Piktures - Beautiful Gallery
Piktures - Beautiful Gallery
Developer: DIUNE
Price: Free+
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
  • Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Screenshot
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