We are pleased to offer the Android Unfiltered Paid Application Review Service.


Are you an up-and-coming developer working on the latest and greatest Android app or game? We’d love to review it here on the site and help you spread the word for a nominal fee. But, before we talk prices, let us explain why you NEED a review on Android Unfiltered.

Stand out from the crowd


Let’s face it — the competition is thick out there these days. To succeed in the app and game development world, you’re going to need more than just the hottest .apk file(s) to be successful. What good is greatness if nobody knows about it, right? Android Unfiltered is the perfect place to showcase your efforts. We will coordinate with you to provide a review that will truly do your app or game the justice it deserves. But just a forewarning: expect an honest, unbiased review. One thing we won’t do is mislead our readers and persuade them to install anything we wouldn’t keep installed ourselves, even if you’re paying for it.

More exposure for your app = more revenue in your pocket

Once your review is complete and posted to our site, we’ll be sure to share it with all of our followers across our social media accounts. While, we’re still growing on Facebook and Twitter, we do have 76k+ followers on Google+. That’s a considerable audience, who is ready and waiting to test drive your app — if only they knew about it!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve read an article about an interesting app or game, and after reading more about it, we’re tripping over ourselves to get to the Play Store to take said app for a spin. We’re not alone in this. According to Statista, roughly 65 billion apps were downloaded from the Play Store in 2016 alone. Why not let us be your platform to deliver your awesome content to the world?

What we need from you


To get started, we need a few things from you in order to properly review your app or game. We need a full version of a .apk file that can be installed freely on our devices. Please do not send any demo or limited versions, as we want to fully delve into your work. It’s important to us and to our readers that we explain every aspect and cover as much ground as we can in our reviews, so using limited versions greatly decreases our ability to give a solid review.

We also need any promotional images and/or videos you may have to add some eye candy to our post. If you don’t have any promo images, we can them for you for an extra fee. Finally, we need payment, in full, before we get started.

See below for pricing and payment details.



1 app or game review written on AndroidUnfiltered.com (Note: You must provide all promo images/videos.)


1 app or game review, written on AndroidUnfiltered.com (We will create promotional images and videos for you.)

After submitting payment


You’ll hear back from us within one business day of your purchase. You can also head over to the Contact page to drop us a line and expedite the process (please be sure to include your order number).

From there, we can make arrangements for you to provide the necessary files we need for us to begin our review. We do ask that you allow us a MINIMUM of two weeks and a MAXIMUM of 30 days to complete your review. This allows for ample testing time, as we like to use our apps and play our games a bit before diving into the review itself. You’re more than welcome to reach out to us at any time during the review phase to provide additional resources and/or insight about your app/game.

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