OnePlus 5T Featured Image

When new Android devices are announced, everyone usually wants the stock wallpapers that come included on those devices. Today is no different with the huge announcement of the new OnePlus 5T device. And because we like customization and know you folks love it even more than we do, we’ve got those wallpapers for you right now.

These wallpapers were created by Hampus Olsson and a huge thanks to him he has shared those wallpapers with the world and we’re giving them to you. He has uploaded a 1080p version of the five wallpapers as well as a 4K version, which is kind of weird since the new OnePlus 5T only supports up to 1080p on the display.

Hampus even described a bit of what went on the creation process of these wallpapers for this device as you can see via his quote below.

The objective with these new wallpapers was similar to that of OnePlus 5, but this time also focusing on the taller, more awesome screen, making it stand out in the best way possible.Hampus Olsson

What I personally like about these wallpapers are the vibrant colors and that they are full of swirls to give them an absolutely beautiful look and feel.

In the gallery below you will find the 1080p versions of the OnePlus 5T wallpapers, but you can download a zip file here: OnePlus 5T 4K Wallpapers that will include both the 1080p and true 4K sized wallpapers from the newly announced device.

Now, get to customizing and don’t forget that tomorrow at 5pm EST is the deadline to get your screenshot submitted for this weeks Screenshot Sundays post. You can enter your submission via the Screenshot Sundays page here: Screenshot Sundays Page. Once you submit your screenshot, we’ll showcase it for the world to see and your name and screenshot information will be up in lights right here on Android Unfiltered.

Download Zip File Here: OnePlus 5T Wallpapers