Nova Launcher 5.5-beta-3 out now with lots of Pixel 2 and Oreo goodness

Android's best launcher app just got better.

Nova Launcher Feature Image

Usually, Mondays suck. This Monday does not, however. It’s Pixel 2 week, boys and girls! And while we’re all waiting for our pre-orders to arrive, there’s a bit of awesome news to share from the TeslaCoil Apps camp. Nova Launcher 5.5-beta-3 is out now, and it brings some stellar Pixel 2- and Oreo-style goodness along with it.

What’s new in Nova Launcher 5.5-beta-3?

Search Below Dock
Search bar below the dock icons.

First up, we’ve got the Pixel 2 Launcher-esque Search Bar at the bottom. It’s down in the dock area, just like we saw with the official Pixel 2 Launcher and with Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher. One really cool thing – and I believe this is a feature only Nova offers – is that you can put it above OR below the dock icons. Just another level of customization that I think is a really nice touch.

Nova Launcher Old StyleNova Launcher New Style


Old version on left; new version on right

There’s also long press menu functionality for app shortcuts, just like in Android Oreo, except this is the brand-new look from the Pixel 2. Check out the two screenshots above. Notice the difference between the two blocks. There’s a space in the first one, and no space in the 2nd one, just a divider. A subtle change, but still a change worth bringing to your attention.

Adaptive Icons Animation

Also to note here is that in Nova Settings -> Look & Feel -> Popup Menu Style you can choose to have the new long press menu or the previous one Nova was using which they are calling Pills from Android 7.1.

And in Nova Settings -> Look & Feel is a new option called Drop Targets. This allows you to enable or disable the Uninstall/App Info/Edit options across the top of the app drawer when you go to drag an icon from the app drawer to the homescreen. It will also enable or disable these similar options as well as the X in the middle of the homescreen to remove icons.

Furthermore, there are new animations for Adaptive Icons, and a way to disable Adaptive Icons altogether if they’re not your thing.


Nova Launcher Diwali

Oh, and here’s this bit of awesome news for our readers in India. This starts tomorrow, October 2017 and is available exclusively in your country. Just a little something from #TeamNova to help you celebrate this festive season. The sale will last for about a week.


Don’t forget!

As a reminder, you need to be a Nova Launcher beta tester to get in on the action. Beta 3 is rolling out to an Android device near you soon and should be available by the end of the day, depending on roll-out time.

It’s also worth mentioning that, because this is a beta release, you may come across some minor bugs. Luckily, Nova Launcher offers impeccable customer support and works diligently around the clock to provide a smooth and stable user experience across all devices.

Go grab it, play around for a bit, then stop back and let me know what you think. Then, if that’s not enough to hold you over until Pixel 2 day, read my opinion piece on why I immediately threw my money at Google’s latest flagship.

Download Nova Launcher 5.5-beta-3

Directly, or use the Google Play Store widget below.

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free
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  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot

Big thanks to Cliff Wade for the heads up!


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