Samsung CTO Injong Rhee

Injong Rhee’s month-long stay as Samsung‘s chief technology officer is over as quickly as it began. According to a report from The Korea Herald, the former head of Samsung’s Bixby team and current CTO resigned from the company, effective today, citing personal reasons for his exit.

Family more important than corporate ladder for new Samsung CTO – as it should be

Rhee’s exit comes with noble means behind it. His daughter currently serves in the U.S. Army and recently deployed to Iraq. In Rhee’s words, he “could not fulfill his role as a father properly while working as the mobile chief.” As a father myself, I can absolutely see where he’s coming from, and I totally respect his decision.

Raising children in itself is a major responsibility. I couldn’t imagine having the pressures of being that high up on the corporate ladder in a company the size of Samsung without kids, let alone with – and then the added stress of having your child deployed to Iraq?!


Best of luck to Mr. Rhee in his future endeavors, and well-wishes to his family in these trying times.