When Google started this hotword thing where you can say ‘Ok Google’ and tell your phone anything you wanted it to do, people got excited about it and started using it on daily basis. It was cool talking to your phone back then. But as time passed, the phrase ‘Ok Google’ became a bit boring and awkward.

But Google listened to the masses and made change when Google Home was first introduced. It could start listening to you as soon as you said the new hotword, ‘Hey Google’. This new hotword was very much appreciated by users because it didn’t sound quite as awkward.

In October, Google started to test the new phrase on phones too. But it was only available to a limited user base. Yesterday, that changed, and Google has finally started to roll-out this new functionality to all users.

How to set up Hey Google

Folks are getting notifications asking them to re-train their voice model so that their phones can respond to ‘Hey Google’. Even I got the notification after updating my Google app.

NotificationClicking on the notification takes you to a screen where you can train your phone to detect the new phrase. It will prompt you to say ‘Ok Google’ first, and then ‘Hey Google’ the next time.

New Training Screen

After you re-train the assistant, you can use both ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Google’ to invoke it. If you still don’t have this new command, you can try updating your google app, or go to settings of Google app>Voice>Voice Match>Retrain Voice Model. Even if you update the app, you might not get a notification, in which case you can use the second method mentioned above to check to see if you got.

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