In a day and age where the future of Android Wear is very much in doubt, it’s great to see a positive bit of news regarding Google’s wearable OS. According to Googler, Hoi Lam, new Android Wear 2.0 features can be rolled out via the Google Play Store, without the need for an OTA update.

More Updates for Android Wear

With Android Wear 2.0, new features can be delivered through the Play Store, when the Android Wear app on your watch is updated. The aim is to publish more timely improvements between OTAs. We launched one such upgrade last week that include:

  • 3rd party chat app support in Contacts
  • Reduce accidental entry into the watch face picker
  • Improve Play Store discoverability for new users
  • Other features and bug fixes

Hope you like them and more to come in the coming months! 😎⌚

There may not be anything mind-blowing on the list with this round of updates, but this is excellent news just the same. And, if you’re an Android Wear device owner, you’ll likely agree. The wait times for new updates can be quite annoying, at the very least. It was months after Android Wear 2.0 launched before I got it on my Moto 360 2nd gen.

At any rate, this is a shining ray of hope on an operating system that many folks have already written off. I’m still on board, and I really hope the ship doesn’t sink because I love Android Wear. I use it daily, and I’d be disappointed to see it abandoned.

What about you, family and friends? Are you rocking an Android Wear watch? I’d love to hear from you in the comment threads. Which watch do you have? Do you use it frequently, or do you regret the purchase? Which features do you love most, or wish would come to Android Wear in future updates?

Happy Tuesday!