Looking for a new pair of headphones? You’re in the right place. Welcome to our review of the Mpow Jaws V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ($19.99) from Amazon.com.

Yogi, I’m Not

Everyone has heard the phrase about being “smarter than the average bear”.  Guess what?  I am the average Bear.  Especially when we’re talking about technology.  Sometimes, just every now and again, I show subdued signs of being smarter than the average bear, but for the most part, yeah…average.  Just an average bear without so much as a Bluetooth headset

I like to use technology.  I don’t want to be a guinea pig and run alpha and beta versions to see the latest and greatest.  I’m just trying to get something done.  So when I purchase something tech, it’s not because of the “cool toy” factor, it’s because I think it will be useful.  That isn’t to say that I don’t get into the cool factor of tech, just that I can’t afford to play with tech toys, I need to reserve my resources for productivity.

A Headset Is What’s Needed Here

Take for example a Bluetooth headset I recently purchased.  I host a regular beekeeping podcast and more often than not, It’s everyone on a Skype group call.  I’ve got a really nice Black Ice mic for live groups but when it’s just me, I don’t really need it.  I figured a nice Bluetooth headset with a mic would do what I need, minus wires.   Wires. I detest wires.

Me being the Amazon Prime junkie that I am, I looked at reviews for dozens of Bluetooth headsets before I decided to purchase the “Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset Stereo Noise Cancelling Earbuds w/ Mic (Black)” (God, I love free 2 day shipping.  Yes, I do order enough online to actually make it a good deal.)

Snagged from my Amazon Prime account.

As promised, I received it within two days.  I opened the package, which was pleasantly easy to open and not the obnoxious blister wrapped nightmare I typically get.  How cool is that when things aren’t a miserable experience just to get to it.  I think full sealed blister wrap plastic is one of the signs that Ragnarok is upon us.

After hastily getting everything out, I couldn’t wait.  Yes, I know the directions say that I should wait to charge the device first.  Once again, average bear here, patience is not my strong suit.

The Samsung Galaxy S6

So, I read the miniscule directions booklet (I didn’t even realize it was possible to print that small) and started to pair the device with my Samsung Android phone, a Galaxy S6.

Holy Crow and what do you know?!  It worked, just like that.  I was duh-mazed. Usually, it seems like nothing ever wants to work on the first try for me.  This did.  It just worked.  OK, so it now works on my smartphone.

Hey now, got’s my hands-free phone hookup.

The Amazon Fire HD8

Let’s try it on another device.  Yes, I have an Amazon Fire HD8 tablet.  It was cheap (relatively), it has ads on the lock screen but I am too cheap to care.  Now, I have been somewhat disappointed in my Fire tablet but mostly in its lack of real ability to play well outside of the Amazon app store.  Otherwise, I’ve been happy with it.

So, I follow the same process and…wait, let me try that again because I was still connected to the Samsung…  OK, now, let’s connect…where is it…where is it?  Hmmm, my Fire tablet doesn’t even “See” or identify the headset at all.  Well, that sucks.  Multiple tries later and a phone call to Amazon support (God help me ANYTIME I have to call them) and still no go.  

No, I’m not happy about this at all.

The HP 15 Laptop With a Bluetooth USB Adapter

OK, well, I got the headset to work on my laptop that I record the podcast with.  Where’d I put that Bluetooth USB adapter?  Darn it anyway!  It’s lost, Hello Amazon Prime, one USB Bluetooth adapter, please.  Two days? Great!

Now I have a cool new and up-to-date Bluetooth adapter (I’ll give you the review on that another time), again, let’s just jump in as soon as it arrives.  Pop it in the little USB slot, watch it play it’s stupid Windows 10 “Plug n Play” install game and Presto Walla!  Bluetooth installed and doing its Bluetooth thang.

This time I remembered to shut the smartphone off first before trying to pair it with the laptop.  HaHa! Talk about smarter than the average…well, you know.  Anyway, turn the headphones off, start the laptop Bluetooth app to locate other devices and turn the headphones back on…

Sweet Bluetooth headset freedom on the main machine.

Yes, the pleasing British sounding woman’s voice arrives through the earbud to tell me that the Mpow Jaws is on and yes, it is connected.  That and the onscreen window indicates that it is connected as well.  My goodness, two out of three pairing attempts worked and they worked amazingly well. I likes that.  It must be my lucky month.

The Laptop Connects?  Will The Apps Play Nicely?

Now for the big tests.  Will Skype play nicely with the Mpow Jaws?  Will my podcast recording app play nicely also?  That is, after all, the whole point of the purchase.  The ability to use my Samsung Galaxy S6 as an audio listening device is merely a bonus.

Skype loads (most recent updates applied), open Tools and yes, yes there it is listed among the choices, twice.  What?  Aha!  It lists it as a “Hands-Free” then again as “Stereo”.  Tricky tricky Skype.  It wants to have the “Stereo” selected as the playback device and the “Hands-free” as the recording device.  I got yer number.

The second app I use is the Speaker Studio app for PCs.  I like it, it’s relatively simple and straight-forward and it allows me to bring in Skype as a direct line. Once again, I select one of the input channels and look through the list of selections.  Again, the Mpow Jaws is listed twice, exactly like it is on Skype.  Once listed as “Handsfree” for the mic or input, and once as “Stereo” for the speaker or output.  By golly, once selected accordingly, it too works nicely.

But Did It Make My Wallet Cry?

So how well does it work in terms of sound and mic quality?  Well let me tell ya, I find it to be about average in terms of output.  It’s no audio snob’s wet dream of ear ecstasy, that’s for sure. Having said that, it is clear and discernible even up to high levels.  Having some headset mounted controls for volume and even for Rev/Fwd song selection is pretty nice too.

The mic is supposed to have noise canceling and it seems to work decently enough nothing compared to my “Big” Black Ice mic but then again, for the price, I have no right to expect it to be.  What was the overall price from my friends over at Amazon Prime for the Mpow Jaws?  A whopping $19.99 plus sales tax. (GOD I HATE internet sales tax!)

And The Amazon Rating Was?

The quality and ease of use of this headset is, in my opinion, in excess of its price tag making it a good value.  I rated it on Amazon with 4 stars.  Truly, this Bluetooth headset has utterly changed the way I use my Samsung smartphone in that I use it as a primary audio device now instead of just phone and social media and search.  I listen to various podcasts on it now and I have my favorite Amazon Music app playlist downloaded also.

I have always been hesitant to use wired earphones or earbuds because it’s inevitable that I yank them off my head or yank the wires out somehow.  With this headset, I can actually have a no hassle hands-free phone and listening experience.  I love it.

Where to purchase the Mpow Jaws V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Buy on Amazon ($19.99)