The Moment Pixel 2 Photo Case ($29.99) is the first “Made for Google” product I’ve had the pleasure of owning. If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection for your shiny new Pure Google phone, this is an option that I highly recommend – for several reasons.

Not only are the cases great quality, they’re also the cornerstone for an even more impressive product that Moment offers. In case you’re unaware, Moment makes camera lens adapters for smartphones, too. I own their telephoto and macro lenses, which I’ll be reviewing separately to give a detailed overview of each lens.

Let’s go over the case itself, for now, just to give you an idea of what it looks like and how it scores, in terms of protection. After all, you don’t have to use it with the lenses; that’s just an extra-added bonus.

Note: Moment also has Pixel 2XL cases – I’m just reviewing the Pixel 2 version, as that’s the variant I own.

Moment Pixel 2 Photo Case design

Moment Pixel 2 Photo Case

The Moment Pixel 2 Photo Case is available in two different styles: real American wood and black canvas. As you can see, I went with wood. Don’t get me wrong – the black style is fine and all, but it’s rather boring. You don’t see cases with wood designs on every single phone out there, so I went this route. It just feels a bit more unique to me.

The case itself is made of a thin rubberized body, curved to the edges of the phone to provide the right balance of protection and minimal form. On the inside, there is a microsuede material that is made in Japan. The back of the case features a stained and wax-coated “Dark Walnut” veneer to provide a subtle texture to the back of your phone for easier one-handed photography.

There’s a wrist-strap slot on the bottom of the case, around back. And speaking of the bottom, that portion of the case is cut out to provide access to the Pixel 2’s USB-C charging port. A thin layer of rubber that just barely covers the bottom corners of the device does add a little bit of protection, although there’s still some chance of damage, due to the exposed area.

The back of the case features a cutout slot for the Pixel 2’s fingerprint sensor, and it doesn’t obstruct usage of the sensor in any way. The same can be said about the cutouts for the rear camera and flash.

As for the device’s buttons, they are completely covered by the case, but the case doesn’t get in the way or make the buttons difficult to press.

New Lens Interface

Moment Pixel 2 Photo Case New Lens Interface

Moment’s lenses are absolutely the bread and butter here. And like I said, I’ll have a review of the tele and macro lenses up in the near future. But, for the sake of this review, here’s a bit of detail on how the lens mounting system works.

On the top lefthand corner of the case (looking at it from the back), there’s a small notch. On each Moment lens, there is a white guideline that lines up with said notch in the case. Once aligned, you gently insert the lens into the lens hole on the case and twist it clockwise, about a half-turn, until it locks into place.

And just like that – profit – a whole new world opens up for your mobile photography.

The good

  • Stylish design
  • Textured backing for extra grip
  • Minimal bulk (see: no bulk here at all)
  • Easy access to fingerprint scanner
  • Lens mounting system

The bad

  • Not much here, in terms of protection. (It gets the job done, but don’t expect it to save your Pixel 2 from drops from taller heights. This is more for scratch and ding protection.)
  • The black rubber portion of the case is susceptible to scratches and scuffing, unfortunately. I keep my phone in my pants pocket, all by itself. I don’t keep keys, coins, or anything else in the pocket that holds my phone. Somehow, I already have a few scuffs after just a couple of weeks of usage, as you can see in the photo above. Not a big deal – it’s just cosmetic – but, still.

Where to buy the Moment Pixel 2 Photo Case

You can snag this case, or one for a number of different devices, as well as the lineup of lenses, by hitting up the Moment website using this link. Even if you don’t plan on buying lenses, the case is still plenty worth the $29.99 it runs.

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Stay tuned

Up next in this series, I’ll be diving in, going up close and personal with the Moment New Macro Lens. Here’s a little preview of what it’s capable of to hold you over until that review goes live.

Moment New Macro Lens Christmas Lights
Taken with the Pixel 2 & Moment Macro Lens