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It looks like Google took note of Amazon’s success with the smaller version of its Alexa-driven smart speaker, the Echo Dot. And according to an inside source that knows what the search engine giant has in store, we can soon expect to see a pint-sized version of Google Home.

Google Home has been picking up steam as of late. The addition of several new features and the announcement of a Preview Program show the company’s commitment to the Google Assistant-toting smart speaker is strong. As it should be, considering how many homes now contain one or more of these devices. I have two myself.

In addition to that, there’s also talk of a new Chromebook Pixel, which we expect Google to announce alongside the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and the smaller Home. There’s no specs or anything for the new Chrome OS device yet, other than the fact that the folks at Android Police’s source are confident the upcoming laptop will bear the Chromebook Pixel moniker.

It’s also worth mentioning that we haven’t seen a new Chromebook Pixel in almost two years, with the last one being only the second of its line.

Will Google launch a mini Google Home and Chromebook Pixel this fall?

Whatever the case may be, October can hurry the hell up and get here. I love my LG G6, but it’s yesterday’s news for me, already. And after the big announcement of Android 8.0, I’ve decided I’m going purely AOSP with my next phone, or bust. My last Google device was the Nexus 6, and I loved it aside from the “meh” camera. But with what we know about the performance of the Pixel’s cameras, I’m guessing I won’t have much to worry about there.

Anyhoo, friends – your thoughts? Are you ready to fork out some more money on a new device, or two? Hit us with a vote in our poll below.

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Source: Android Police