Material Notification Shade is the best app I’ve used which customizes your notification shade. This app does not require root access, as it doesn’t actually customize the Android notification shade. Instead, it cleverly masks the current one and makes it appear and act as if it were stock.

You will need to grant this app several permissions for this to work, such as access to your notifications.

Look at me! I’ve got Android Oreo now!

Material Notification Shade- KEYone
Material Notification Shade on my BlackBerry KEYone, running Android Nougat (7.1.1)

If you don’t have Android Oreo yet, this is pretty cool to see on your smartphone. My BlackBerry KEYone is still on Android Nougat, so the contrast between the dark notification shade and unified notifications to a bright background, categories notifications, and cool colour notifications from videos or music is a huge contrast.

Personally, I love it.

The app brings some perks other than just the design. You can snooze notifications (yay!), Quick Reply works, and your notifications get auto-bundled as seen in Oreo.

If you are already on Android Oreo, you should still give this app a try. There are several customization options which you may enjoy.

Customize it!

Material Notification Shade is not limited to providing you with a notification shade which looks like Android Oreo. There are a variety of other themes, colour choices, and options available. You could get carried away with it…

Material Notification Shade - wtf
I dare you to stare at this image. Actually, don’t. We shouldn’t be responsible for reading gouging out their own eyes.

Again, other than playing with the theme/colours of the notification shade, you can adjust your Quick Settings layout to have more than just 3 columns, add your own custom profile picture, and even change the top-left from your carrier name to something else.

Performs well. Little issues.

I’d say my BlackBerry KEYone, being a mid-range device, was a good one to test this app on. Performance wise, I admit this app was bogging it down a shade. When I checked my memory usage, Material Notification Shade was using 100 MB of RAM, whereas other apps were only around 5 MB, give or take. I’ve brought this to the attention of the developer and he says he will look into it.

The other issue is you’ll have to re-enable the app every time an update is downloaded and installed. It seems to “shut off” the app each time. I understand this too will be corrected soon.

Considering those are the only two concerns I have, I’d say this app is top-notch, and I certainly recommend giving it a try!

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Download Material Notification Shade

Material Notification Shade
Material Notification Shade
Developer: Treydev Inc
Price: Free+
  • Material Notification Shade Screenshot
  • Material Notification Shade Screenshot
  • Material Notification Shade Screenshot
  • Material Notification Shade Screenshot


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