Martin Guay Android Unfiltered

Who’s Martin Guay? Why is he writing at Android Unfiltered?

A fresh face, a new style of writing and maybe a smart-ass in the process? You bet! All the kidding aside, I’m Martin Guay 35-year-old living in Ottawa, Canada. I’ve been in the Android sphere since the early days 7 years ago.

What does that make of me? Someone who’s seen a lot of Android changes over the years. Albeit, not always for the better. Android has evolved a lot over that period of time and now we’ve seen the arrival of Android 8.0 dubbed OREO. I don’t say “hey” after everything apparently it’s thing in Canada?

I work in the Information Technology field in various positions that requires knowledge of hardware and software for desktops, laptops, and servers. I also have a particular skillset when it comes to computer security for which most people don’t know anything about. I’ve considered a jack of all trades, but I do have my own craft. That’s what I do for work, the real fun in this is Android, it’s community, it’s a hobby, I eat it, I sleep and dream of it!

I run my own website called Android news and all the bytes where I post reviews and test of products I’ve personally tested. There’s also articles and how-tos on a few things some of you might like. Why am I posting on Android Unfiltered? It’s a community, it’s powered by people like myself and the quality can only get better as we get more people interested in engaging with us, giving us tip, showing up new products, new apps to introduce to people that aren’t in the field.

What can you expect of me? You’ll see reviews, opinionated post, potentially controversial topic at times, apps that I dig and who knows what else I’ll put my pretty little hands on!

Martin Guay Android Unfiltered signing off for now!


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