Have you ever tripped over a charging cable and either ended up with a broken device or even worse off, an injury? Well, if you have, you might want to take a peek at MagBull, a revolutionary new charging cable, from BULLT Technologies.

MagBull Charging Cable

Guaranteed Shipping October 2017! MagBull is the world’s first heavily reinforced universal magnetic charging cable that is compatible with all devices including the new Macbook Pro, Apple Lightning devices, Android Micro USB devices and USB-C devices.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think MagBull is awesome, either. The product hasn’t even launched yet (see: it’s still in the INDIEGOGO stages), but it’s laying the smack down on the crowd-funding scene to the tune of 390% of its initial seeking of $10,000.

The campaign currently sits at $39,026, at the time of this post, and there’s still about 10 days left to go.

How much is the MagBull cable?

At $30, you get the MagBull cable, a USB-C Connector Tip, as well as a tip for Lightning cables. For an additional $5, you get an extra Connector Tip of your choice, Lightning, Micro USB or USB-C.

The MagBull is set to launch in October. We’ll have a full review of this awesome looking cable for you to check out once the product goes live. Until then, we’re curious to hear your thoughts.

Is this a product you’ll consider backing? Will you wait til it launches to read reviews before deciding? Or maybe it’s totally just not for you. At any rate, mosey on down to the comment thread and give us your two cents.