Join us today at 1:30p EST for a live Pixel 2 unboxing on YouTube!

Pixel 2 Unboxing Live Stream

Update #2 –Ā Here’s a much-less-crappy unboxing video for ya. šŸ™‚

Today is the day, boys and girls! Well, tomorrow is actually the day, but I’m in the lucky batch of pre-orders that delivered today. Today is officially Pixel 2 Day here at the Android Unfiltered HQ! As you can see from the featured image, mineĀ justĀ showed up.

And rather than tearing into it like my inner 5-year-old-self wants to do, I’ve decided to cordially invite you all to a live-streamed unboxing and first look at the Pixel 2. I’ll fire the stream up at 1:30p EST – I need to handle a few things around the office here first. But, that also gives you some time to head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe, if you haven’t already.

Join us for a Pixel 2 unboxing!

If you’d like to watch, stay tuned to our Twitter account, or just hit the little bell icon on YouTube to get a notification when the stream starts. Once the stream starts, I’ll add a link here for your viewing pleasure.

Hope to see you there!

Update #1:Ā FAILSAUCE.Ā 

Here’s the video, but alas, I didn’t account for my crappy internet connection. I will do a proper unboxing video later today and give you a better look. Sorry for the crappy quality – chalk it up to Pixel 2 excitement and rookie mistakes!