Justin Kruit Logo

Hi! I’m Justin Kruit, a new author at Android Unfiltered. I live in the North of the Netherlands. I am an Android and Web developer, and have made apps like LMGTFY and Ream.

More about me and my projects

LMGTFY is an app to easily create a link for LMGTFY.com. That is a service you can use if people keep annoying you with questions they can Google themselves.

Ream is an icon pack for which I am the developer. This is in a collaboration with Gabriel Zegarra, who is the designer. The idea behind it is to create an icon pack that is purely focused on improving icons to our liking using Material Design. We decided that we won’t theme some icons, as they simply are good enough by itself.

I love Android because of its high customization and freedom for developers. That’s why I’ve never really been a fan of iOS. For example, with Android you can just go through your files. You don’t need to completely mess with your phone to get that working. You just open the file manager, or you install one from the Play Store, and you’re good to go.

I got interested in development really early in life, and basically became obsessed with computers. I love trying gadgets of which I had never thought of. I first started with just some website to make easy websites (drag and drop etc), but within a few years I was playing around with more difficult code languages like PHP.

I’m a big fan of crime series, especially NCIS. ♥️ Gibbs. I’ll soon make some time free for Law & Order. I prefer the crime series that are more focused on the investigation part instead of all kinds of science (looking at you, CSI).

Next to being a developer, I don’t really have any other hobbies. I do watch quite a lot of YouTube, if you can even call that a hobby.

Why I’m here

I’m here to write articles about what is happening in the Android world, and maybe later some reviews on products. If you wish to contact me, feel free to write a mail to mail@justinkruit.com. If you want to see more of my portfolio or who I am, go ahead and visit https://justinkruit.com, which is my personal website.