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I’ve been using Android for about 6 1/2 years now and I have to admit that my biggest attraction to the OS is the ability to add custom icons to your screen usually within a click or two of a button. Especially if you’re using a 3rd party launcher on your device such as Nova Launcher, which I happen to work for if anyone happens to ask, that allows you to do this in a matter of seconds. There are probably millions of icon packs available on the store, so it’s hard to find one that stands out above the rest. Today however, I bring you Iris UI Icon Pack which is an icon pack that has now become my daily driver on my shiny Google Pixel XL.


  • 1800 Vector icons
  • OEMs Icons: Asus, BGH, CyanoGenMod/LineageOS, DirtyUnicorns, Google, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LeEco, LG, Motorla, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE and More Coming Soon
  • 12 Handcrafted wallpapers
  • Color variants for different icons.
  • 43 Folder icons
  • Dynamic Google Calendar icons
  • Support for many 3rd party launchers
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper support
  • Request tool
  • Icon Mask for Unthemed icons

All About Iris UI

Iris UI is designed by our good friend Julian Gomez and let me tell you, these icons are absolutely stunning, especially once you get them on your device. Iris UI is a round icon pack which is hands down my favorite shape when it comes to icons. It’s been like this for a very long time and the more your lovely faces get to know me here on Android Unfiltered, you’ll discover I am very passionate about my round icons. Each icon within Iris UI is beautifully done in a material style design to match the main color of the apps default icon. Around the edge of each icon, just a few millimeters in from the edge, is a subtle white circle to give the icon a true pop and what I feel really sets it apart from most of the other icons. These icons just look amazing on my Google Pixel XL regardless of the wallpaper that’s currently on my phone, which happens to change every 2 hours on the dot thanks to the great app called Tapet.

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As you can see by the feature list above, Iris UI comes with a ton of customized icons. The actual number of vectorized icons is 1,800 and counting as there are frequent updates to this icon pack which is important. Throw in the fact that you get 12 absolutely beautiful handcrafted wallpapers, 43 folder icons, dynamic Google Calendar icons and so much more. For just $0.99 you simply can’t go wrong by purchasing Iris UI from the Google Play Store, which you can do by clicking on that widget at the end of the post.

One thing we always ask here at Android Unfiltered is that you support the developer of any app that you use. These folks are busting their asses trying to make a living and they do so by making our devices look as kick ass as possible and they put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into things like Iris UI so there’s no doubt they deserve the love, support and appreciation of you, the AU audience.

Iris UI - Icon Pack
Iris UI - Icon Pack
Developer: myAP
Price: $1.49+
  • Iris UI - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Iris UI - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Iris UI - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Iris UI - Icon Pack Screenshot


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