iBolt cPro NFC Car Dock Combo

If you’ve been following the site for some time now, you know how staunch I am about keeping your eyes on the road when you’re behind the wheel. Car accidents are no joke. Best case scenario, you have to repair something; worst case, well… You don’t want to know about the worst case.

Because I like to play it safe, I’m always on the lookout for something to help minimize distractions while I’m driving. To help me out in this crusade, the awesome folks at iBolt sent out a cPro NFC Combo Car Dock for me to run down on the ol’ review desk.  Thanks again for the opportunity to test, Team iBolt – and for potentially saving my life.

So, the cPro NFC Combo Car Dock. Let’s take a look, yeah?

iBolt cPro NFC Car Dock Combo Mounted


cPro NFC Combo Car Dock Features

  • DRIVE SAFE & LEGAL: Super convenient to drive within a secure and easy view position with the USB Type C to Type C car-dock. Multiple placement options as VentKlip, Suction Mount AND miniBall mounts included.
  • INTEGRATED CHARGING CONNECTOR: The cPro is the first real car-dock for Type C USB. Simply slide your handset onto the Dock when stepping into your car; no more “fishing up” a charging cable from the floor. Keep your car interior neat without any loose cables.
  • FAST CHARGING: Stay charged even when using power-hungry apps like Waze, Google Maps etc. Always arrive fully charged. Our Type C to Type C charging cable can exceed 2.700 mA charging rate even in the car. Type C 3 Amp charger not included, sold separately.
  • CASE COMPATIBLE: With the unique and patented design of the integrated Connector virtually every model of Cases can be used with the cPro car dock.
  • COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE: The spring loaded latch can be set to different heights, fitting handsets from the size of Nexus 5x (with no Case) up to Nexus 6p (with a thick Case). Built-in NFC tag will launch the free premium Android App “Dock’n Drive” that turns some Windows Phone (see list) into a virtual driving assistant. With the 17 mm ball joint alternative mounting solutions made for Garmin, ProClip, and others can be used. Optional AMPS plate mount available.


(Note: You can use the VentKlip or miniball mount, but I prefer the regular setup, so that’s the installation process I’m covering here in this review.)

Installing the cPro NFC is a simple and straightforward process.

Peel off the adhesive backing on the suction cup, position the mount where you want it, and press down on top of the device to create suction. There’s a mechanical lever that pulls down and locks the mount in place by adding more suction.

Next, take the portion of the mount that holds the phone and attach it to the top of the mount base with the 17 mm industry standard ball joint and tighten the “lug nut” around back after you position the phone holder in its desired position.

Mounting your device

Set the top of the phone holder to its desired length and insert your the phone into the dock by placing it atop the USB-C charging cable and pressing down.

There’s a locking mechanism on the back of the phone holder that gives tension to the top of the mount and keeps your device in place on the charging cable.

That’s pretty much it. You can position the dock in either portrait or landscape mode; which ever way you like it.

One Hand Mounting

Interchangeable cable, if need be

It’s worth noting that the cPro NFC requires a Type C USB charger to power your device.

This means the cable is USB-C to USB-C, rather than USB-C to standard USB. I didn’t realize this when requesting samples, so I thought I’d end up having to pick up a USB-C charger since I don’t currently own one. Everything I have is USB-C to standard.

Then, I realized you can actually swap out the cables with the assistance of a small Phillips screwdriver. Simply remove the two tiny screws, pull out the USB-C to USB-C cable and swap it with any other cable you like.

Problem solved!

NFC Functionality

The top of the mount – the part that holds the phone in place – contains an NFC tag. Tapping said tag opens iBolt’s Dock n’ Drive app. It takes you to the Play Store to download said app if it’s not already on your device.

Alternatively, you can set it to open any car mode app you want – like Android Auto, for instance.

Here’s a great video overview of the Dock n’ Drive app, for your viewing pleasure.


Wrap up and final rating

The iBolt cPro NFC is a solid option at $39.95. It’s the most secure mount I’ve personally ever used, and it seems to hold up well against the elements. There have been several days teetering close to the 100-degree mark since I got it. And the suction has held strong through the heat.

It gets cold here in Iowa, too, so I’m hoping it holds as well in the winter months, but that’s still yet to be seen.

I also really like the NFC functionality, although I prefer Android Auto over the iBolt app, that’s all a matter of personal preference.

If you’d like to pick up a CPro NFC for yourself, use this link to do so. If you do decide to buy one, be sure to stop back and let us know how you like it!