[SMFH] I am Billionaire is a $400 Android app that literally does nothing

I Am Billionaire (WTF?)

Do you have tons of money burning a hole in your pocket?

You could always send some my way. Or, you could give $400 to Android “developer”, App Vriksh, for an app that does absolutely nothing – and that’s its entire premise. I am Billionaire is a real head-scratcher, my friends. The fact that it even exists kinda pisses me off, the more I think about it.

I am Billionaire

I am Billionaire
I am Billionaire
Developer: App Vriksh
Price: $399.99
  • I am Billionaire Screenshot
  • I am Billionaire Screenshot


So, you mean to tell me, after paying 400 friggin clams, the app does nothing but serve ads? I mean, I didn’t think it’d actually turn me into a billionaire or anything, but humor me a bit at least, or something, for cryin’ out loud.

What’s even more infuriating is that this trash has over 1,000 downloads on Google Play. There’s likely not a paid sale in the bunch, however, as a glance at the developer’s page shows he has similar apps that go on “sale” for free, likely to rack up the download numbers and make it appear that people are actually buying the app.

And who knows? People eat Tide Pods these days, so I wouldn’t be shocked if you told me people are buying this garbage, too.

Stop leaving good reviews on trash apps, people.

People are even leaving I am Billionaire “good” reviews on Google Play. Take this one, from Deryl Condez, for instance:

This app really turned me into a real billionaire. I used to be a homeless guy that lived alone in an RV with my cats and my dogs, and my life changed when I “found” (not stole) a credit card weirdly sticking out of a back pocket.

After that, I got into my RV, gased it up, drove 7 hours from Vemont to New York, and parked on the side of a gas station because of a flat tire. I used that card not to buy me a spare tire, but I used it to buy this app on a phone that I found “lying around” in that gas station where there was a car with its window open (didn’t steal it).


-Deryl Condez

Really? I just can’t even…

Google, if you’re reading this, please figure out a way to prevent stupid apps like this from existing on the Play Store. And if you could also figure out how to make people not be asshats and feed into this type of nonsense in the review sections, that’d be even better.

In my opinion, this type of crap brings down the quality of the entire ecosystem. When I’m searching the Play Store, I’d prefer for results like this not show up in featured sections, like “Recent Launches”.

Am I asking too much here?

Sound off in the comment thread, friends!


  1. Definitely not the first time I’m seeing this kind of app. They’ve been around for years and I’ve lost count the times I reported to Google about those apps being ‘inappropriate’ or something. I guess Google decided those app didn’t violate any ToS thus they stay. I’m not sure how is “an app designed solely to give shipload of money to the devs but does nothing in return” not violating the ToS. If I was the actual human vetting the app submission I’d have rejected it right away.

    I don’t mean to be racist but I noticed one particular trait among those apps; many of the devs are India-based. Maybe it’s a culturally acceptable way to make money over there, who knows? By the way I’ve also seen some devs of similar app promised he’d give something in return but there’s no way to know what kind of thing he will give unless we pay for it.

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