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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times during these posts, but customization is our favorite thing here at Android Unfiltered. It’s what we believe in and we love to throw some much needed exposure the way of the developers that make all of this customization possible for our devices. These are the guys and girls that work their asses off creating some amazing things and today I’m going to give you what’s probably a first look for most of you at Hydrox Icons by David John.


  • 1600+ HD Icons that are 192 x 192 resolution
  • 12+ HD Wallpapers
  • Icon Dashboard
  • Icon Request Feature
  • Dynamic Calendar for both Google Calendar and Today Calendar
  • Frequent updates and activity fixes

So what exactly are these Hydrox icons that I’m speaking of and throwing out features for? Hydrox are best described as a “minimalistic” style of icons. They aren’t flat, they aren’t material design, they are “minimal”. To put it in terms that most everyone would understand, they aren’t bright and flashy and showing off a lot of bling so to speak, but they are minimal and attractive with lots of vibrant colors or shades of colors in a lot of cases.

Hydrox Icons Image 3 Hydrox Icons Image 4

Hydrox uses the IconShowcase dashboard app, by Jahir Fiquitiva, which allows you to apply wallpapers, contact the developer, view included icons and much more. This is probably the most widely used dashboard out there when it comes to icon packs and I have to admit that the reason being is because it just works and it works well.

My favorite icon in all of Hydrox is that little camera icon next to the center icon on my dock. It’s just got a gorgeous blend of colors which makes it stand out over all of the other icons, but not to a degree that the rest of the Hydrox icons look boring or dull. This is what sets Hydrox apart and why I think everyone should grab a copy today.

For all the things I listed above and more, you’re only going to have to shell out $1.38 USD which is dirt cheap for the amount of work and attention to detail that has gone into Hyrdox. Best of all, you’re getting an icon pack that is surely to be updated regularly and you can bet that those 1,600+ icons that are included right now will grow with each update. And don’t forget, you can always install Google Opinion Rewards, answer random questions on a pretty regular basis and earn cash directly from Google. This way you can use the money that Google gives you to purchase things like Hydrox Icons from the Play Store.

One thing we always ask here at Android Unfiltered is that you support the developer of any app that you use. These folks are busting their asses trying to make a living and they do so by making our devices look as kick ass as possible and they put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into things like Hydrox so there’s no doubt they deserve the love, support and appreciation of you, the AU audience.

Hydrox - Icon Pack
Hydrox - Icon Pack
Developer: dj23
Price: $0.99
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Hydrox - Icon Pack Screenshot