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Well, well. Isn’t this timed perfectly? Just after Netflix raised its prices here in the US and in Canada, Hulu – Netflix’s largest competitor in the online video streaming services department – is lowering its price for its entry-level subscription plan.

Hulu w/commercials, $5.99 for one year.

The lowest tier, which includes commercials, will run $5.99 for one year. You can sign up for the deal anytime between now and January 9th, 2018. After the first year is up, however, your price will go back up to $7.99. You can cancel at any point after this, though, should you decide you no longer want the service. Unfortunately, there’s no change to the $11.99 per month commercial free plan, and Hulu with Live TV is still $39.99 per month.

I have a Hulu account (commercial-free), but I don’t watch much of anything on it. It’s more for the kids, as there is a lot of good content geared towards them, and I’m usually busy pecking away on a keyboard in my own free time. How about you, though? Are you a Hulu subscriber? What are your favorite shows on the service? Hit me in the comment thread with your suggestions!