Well, this didn’t take long. One of the Pixel 2‘s exclusive features is its Active Edge functionality. It lets you squeeze the sides of the phone to launch Google Assistant. Out of the box, this is the only option you have. But thanks to the Android development community, you can completely customize this feature, allowing you to squeeze your device to launch any app, task, or shortcut you’d like. Best of all, you don’t even need root.

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Button Mapper, an app that lets you change the way your phone’s buttons react to being pressed, just added re-mapping for Active Edge in its latest update. It’s worth mentioning that you will need basic ADB command knowledge to get this up and running, but there are multiple guides on the Internet to help you accomplish this. Here’s an article, from Android Central, that will point you in the right direction.

When enabling Active Edge in the app’s settings menu, it’s just a matter of one simple ADB command, and you’re all set.

adb shell sh /data/data/flar2.homebutton/keyevent.sh

You can now change the squeeze functionality to launch things like your camera, SMS app, or favorite messaging service – whatever you want.

Button Mapper Active Edge

Button Mapper is free, with limited functionality, and the Pro version will set you back $2.99. This unlocks extra features, like re-mapping the Back, Camera, and Recent Apps/Menu buttons. Re-mapping the Active Edge feature is free, however.

A few examples of keymapping you can do with Button Mapper:

  • Long press volume down to toggle your flashlight
  • Double tap your home button to launch your favorite app
  • Long press your home button to turn off the screen
  • Double click the back button to see your notifications
  • Swap your back and recent apps keys
  • Use your volume buttons to adjust screen brightness
  • Long press home to toggle “do not disturb” mode
  • Press and hold the home button to quickly check your lockscreen messages, release to turn off the screen instantly
  • And much more, the possibilities are endless

I threw together a quick little screen recording to show you how it’s done. Have a look at it above, then go see it in action for yourself using the Play Store widget below. Be sure to stop back and let me know how YOU’RE using Button Mapper to make your Pixel 2 experience even better.

Download Button Mapper

Button Mapper: Remap your keys
Button Mapper: Remap your keys
Developer: flar2
Price: Free+
  • Button Mapper: Remap your keys Screenshot
  • Button Mapper: Remap your keys Screenshot

Cheers, Char G!