Christmas is right around the corner, and as such, that means St. Nick is working in overdrive at his North Pole Present Factory Compound. In fact, he’s probably busier than ever this year, because for the first time ever, you can now call Santa Claus on Google Home.

You may remember – last year, you could use Google Assistant to keep tabs on Santa’s whereabouts using Google’s long-standing “Santa Tracker” software. This year, El Googz is expanding things by adding the “Talk to Santa” functionality to its Home lineup of smart speakers.

How To Call Santa Claus On Google Home

How to call Santa Claus with Google Home

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just say, “Ok Google, call Santa,” and your speed dial “magically” connects you with the big guy’s direct line. There are several different pre-recorded scenarios that playback, and a number of questions that Santa asks before singing a song.

It’s pretty cute, and if you have kids, they’ll definitely get a kick out of it. It’ll also come in handy for those times when they’re acting up. Now, they know you can call Santa on Google Home, so maybe that will help keep them in line.

No such luck with my kids, though. They’re already like, “Call him. We know that’s not the REAL Santa. Jerks. (I say that with nothing but love, of course.)

So, there you have it. Now you know how to call Santa. When you do, let him know that all I want for Christmas this year is some new lenses for my Sony A6500. That Sony F/1.8 “Nifty Fifty” would make the perfect stocking stuffer. And I think I’ve been good enough this year to warrant it.


  1. Seems to only work in the US. In Canada If I say “Call Santa” I am told “there are no assistant apps available for this request”

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