How To Take Chromebook Screenshots

My Chromebook is one of my favorite pieces of gear. When I bought it, I assumed I’d only use it for browsing the web and sending emails, but I’ve found a few other uses in my time owning one. In fact, I’m using it now, as I type this post for your lovely mug.

The other day, I found myself in need of a couple screenshots, but I wasn’t quite sure how to take them. A quick search over at El Google Grande led me to exactly what I needed. That’s when it hit me: If I’m searching for it, there’s a good chance our readers might not know how to take to them, either.

Today, we’re gonna solve that.

Taking Full Chromebook Screenshots

Chromebook Switch Window Button

To take a screenshot, hold down the “Ctrl” button and press the “Switch Window” button. If you’re not sure where to locate the latter, it’s the button that depicts multiple squares and sits in between the “Full Screen” and “Brightness Down” buttons. See above for a visual example.

That’s it, really. You’ll get a notification to let you know your screenshot saved. It’s then readily available in your Chromebook’s “Download” folder. Simple stuff, right?

Taking Partial Chromebook Screenshots

Sometimes, you’ll want to grab only a portion of a screen. This is a cakewalk, as well. To do so, press and hold the “Ctrl” and “Shift”, then press the “Switch Window” button. At this point, your cursor turns into a cross-hair pointer and you can select the area on your screen that you want to capture.

Your Chromebook automatically grabs your selection when you take your fingers off of the trackpad and saves it to your “Download” folder, just like it does with full screenshots. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

So there ya have it. You now know how to take Chromebook screenshots. And knowing is half the battle.