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There is a good chance you have been told at least once that intense gaming is destroying your brain. Media is often critical of the influences that playing video games has on people, but evidence shows that there are just as many perks; they are simply not mentioned as often.

Gaming can improve your memory and eye-hand coordination significantly! Although indeed very valuable in the virtual world, memory and coordination are essential in real life. So, when people tell you that the skills you enquire through gaming are non-transferable and that you are wasting your time, tell me to look a little deeper into the available research. They will be surprised.

Moreover, gaming can improve your overall health. It can help ease pain and trauma. People might argue that this can be done with any entertainment that serves as a distraction, but studies have shown that playing Tetris works better than reading or doing crossword puzzles when it comes to relieving trauma! Remember this argument, it is surely come in handy.

If you are interested in further health benefits of gaming, check the infographic below, provided by our friends at Computer Planet.

The Health Benefits of Gaming

Health Benefits Gaming

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